The Right Way to Wear Crop Tops

 Today we want to tell you about a piece that is key for this summer, the crop top, we are sure you have already seen them because this season they are everywhere, on the catwalks, in magazines, and of course on the street.

These sexy crop tops for women remind us a lot of the 1990s, but now they have taken a more modern turn, becoming the latest in the fashion world.

The options to wear them are endless, you can combine them with high-waisted pants, high-waisted skirts, or with your favorite jeans; If you want to look more elegant you can add a jacket or a jacket, we recommend that you do not wear them with too short skirts or shorts so that the top is the protagonist of your outfit.

Now, if you're not sure if you want to show your navel to the whole world, don't worry, with the new tops you don't have to show your entire abdomen, there are many ways to use them, for example, with a shirt or you can also wear two piece pants set. creating a layering effect, or choosing slightly larger tops, so that you show only a small part of the skin, you decide how far to go.

Printed, plain, lace, or crochet, this season the cropped tops invite you to show off your waist and look super sexy and feminine.

How to use cropped?

Jeans are that perfect classic. Considered by many to be one of the best fashion inventions, it's the type of piece that everyone has, because it matches everything and with a crop top it couldn't be different, they go well with shorts or high-waisted pants.

Lace is automatically associated with the sexiest and most sophisticated clothes. However, the color chosen can vary greatly from the look proposal. That's why we indicate the darkest tones for night events and the light ones for occasions during the day.

After knowing the best tips on how to choose the ideal model for sexy crop tops for women, and creating incredible looks for all occasions with Solado, we are sure that they will be part of your day-to-day, so you can shine even more stylishly.

Bet without fear of taking risks, here is the right place to prove that comfort, beauty, and quality can and should be part of your choice.

The right way to wear crop tops

Twisted décolleté is not suitable for everyday use:

Bare midriffs are clearly back in fashion in 2014 – but how bare can it be? With the so-called rotating décolleté, an extreme form of crop tops, the neckline is simply turned around. This means that the breasts no longer flash out at the top, but at the bottom. The entire center of the body is exposed up to the waistband. We have tested how this trend is received. Both the wearers and the passers-by find the rotating décolleté too provocative and revealing, i.e. too cheap - even though nothing slips thanks to the adhesive tape. So, you shouldn't show that much bare skin, but it can be a bit!

This is how it works: Combine a crop top

Instead of going skinny-to-skinny like in the '90s, wear a well-fitting crop top with roomy bottoms. Pants or skirts with a high waistband, also called high waist are ideal. 

Skirts should reach at least the knee, but long skirts can also be combined with a crop top. There are basically two style variants: elegant and cool or casual and rocking. If you want it to be elegant, pay attention to high-quality materials, such as silk or chiffon. 

However, the backless crop top should be made of a stiffer material, not flapping or shifting. The top and bottom can be from the same color family. Pumps or pointed ballerinas are recommended as shoes for a noble look. 

If you prefer a casual look, you can wear frayed or studded high waist shorts with a crop top. Cool boots or sneakers go well with it. This look is great for a beach vacation.

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