How to Turn Shatter to E-Liquid

Have you ever taken marijuana vapor? In this modern society, vape cartridges are overwhelming the marijuana industry. Due to this users can enjoy their extracts privately and quickly without necessarily having to carry lighters, papers or pipes with them. Cannabis patients are usually the most affected as they have to take the cannabis extracts despite being in locations where it is challenging to do so

A guide on how to turn to shatter into e liquid.

Shatter is made using butane and it has a translucent glass-like texture. It can be stable or unstable depending on its quality. A stable shutter is made from freshly processed material. Since freshly processed materials contain terpenes, it can remain stable for a long time. The availability of terpenes causes the shatter to produce a pungent smell. On the other hand, unstable shatter contains fewer amounts of terpenes.

There are two grades of shatter; Dark-colored shatter and lighter colored shatter. Dark-colored shatter is produced from old trim materials while lighter colored shatter is produced from freshly processed material.

         Merits of turning shatter to e juice

Turning shatter in e juice has the following advantages.
        Cheaper. A small gram of concentrate can be used for a longer time when converted into e juice than in its original state.
        It enhances privacy and freedom. When dabbing shatter in its natural state it is easy to get caught but it offers discretion when converted into e juice.
        Sweet flavors. In its natural state shatter is available only as one or a few brands but with the introduction of additional flavor kits, users can enjoy more.
        Easy process. Turning shatter into e juice is an easy process which can be carried out by anyone.

Various things are required to turn to shatter into e juice.

First, herbal concentrate is required. This can be wax, shatter, crumble or PHO. When choosing and adding concentrates the ratio of the mixture is imperative as it determines the concentration and flavor of the e juice.

Second, you will need a Wax Liquidizer. With a wax liquidizer, you can turn to shatter into e-liquid. In 2016, wax liquidizer was named among products of the year due to its efficiency, design, and ease of use. For this reason and many others, I highly recommend the wax liquidizer.

The wax liquidizer comes with a blunt tip syringe which aids in measuring the exact amount of concentrates. This can be useful when mixing different brands of flavors to produce a perfect blend.

Third, a heat source is extremely useful. A heat source can be a stove or a microwave.

Let’s look at a step to step guide to turning shatter into vapor able form. 


1. Place your concentrate in the dropper bottle. This dropper makes thinning easy and fast.

2. Add two to three amounts of thinner as the concentrate. Add terpenes to add the flavor of the e juice.

3. By using a stirring rod stir thoroughly until the mixture blends evenly.

4. Submerge in boiling water for about 3 minutes. Heat it until it turns to liquid. Then keep it at a constant temperature range so that it can maintain the liquid state.
 (This will be hot so handle carefully when handling it.)

5. Remove and shake thoroughly.

6. You can now fill the cap and enjoy the best-branded e juice. This can be done by sucking the juice with a syringe and filling it in the cap. To do that, simply remove the mouthpiece and inject the juice.

There are also various flavors which are useful when masking the pungent smell. Such flavors are used by users depending on their preferences. These flavors are raspberry, mango, lime, watermelon, tangerine and many more.

This process requires consistency to get good at it. More or less the ratio of concentrate may be required during the mixing or there may need to be an adjustment to the heat source. It goes without saying that consumption of e juice is legal only to those above 18 years in some countries and 21 years in others. 

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