The Growing Love For Fantasy Leagues

Indians are currently mad about playing a fantasy league. There are all kinds of leagues such as cricket, football, badminton etc. Out of all the leagues, cricket leagues are the most popular. The reasons for the immense popularity of cricket league among all the other Indian fantasy league is not difficult to guess. Cricket is next to religion in India and consequently, people love to play, participate and discuss the same. Looking at this as an opportunity, many companies are now eyeing the lucrative market for fantasy sports. They see it both as innovation and an opportunity to invest. So, let us see the reasons why investing in such fantasy apps and platforms is so lucrative.

The gigantic market for fantasy league mobile apps.

Cricket has the largest following in India among all the other nations. Out of the 1 billion fans globally, 90 percent are from India. To give a further breakup, 95 % of the fans are interested in the ICC T20 world cup and 88 % are passionate about the ODI's. The remaining 92% are interested in the T20 format. 70% are interested in Test cricket.

Heavy numbers involved in fantasy cricket.

As per recent studies, it is estimated that the number of fantasy cricket followers are expected to cross 100 million by this current year. All over India, the fantasy games market is rapidly gaining momentum. The majority of people do it via the apps on their smartphones. Cricket is big business in countries like New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, England, etc. Of late, the game has seen several new entrants like Afghanistan, Ireland, Holland etc, all of whom have substantial populations, which promises a big market.

Currently, the competition is very less.

Since fantasy league including fantasy cricket is a rather new concept, competition is still low as compared to the other businesses. If you invest now, then you could reap big dividends, since you can dictate terms and prices in the market.

       Many tournaments are conducted in a year
We know that there are some or other sports activities conducted in a year. Starting from IPL, to football leagues, people have a lot of options to explore in terms of fantasy games. Dream 11, one such fantasy sports provider, offers sports like cricket, football, kabaddi, etc.

The Indian market is becoming receptive to other sports as well.

You will be delighted to know that the Indian market is gradually accepting other sports such as soccer, badminton etc. This year the 2020 FIFA World cup football for women is being hosted in India. Also, in 2021, the World Boxing Championship will be held in Delhi for the first time. So, if you are looking at options outside cricket, then you needn’t feel disappointed. Also, both boxing and badminton are gaining rapid ground and giving strong competition to cricket, in terms of popularity.

Let’s see how large the market of fantasy sports grow in India.
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