5 Questions That Every Homeowner Needs to Ask While Selling Your Home

Imagine a scenario where you're a property holder who is intending to offer your current house to purchase another one. Do you have to forfeit the monetary value of your home and simply sell it for not as much as what it's the real value? Not necessarily. Although assessing the market value of a real estate property is a quite complicated process, there are still things that you can do from your end to prepare your house prior to selling.

Questions that Homeowners Need to Ask When Preparing for Home Selling

To help you out, here is a checklist of the questions that you need to ask if you are preparing for your home to be sold:

1. Do I understand the home selling process?

 Unlike the typically straightforward home selling process implemented a decade or so ago, it is now more difficult to sell homes.  Unless you have some inside information with what is going on with the local real estate industry, it will be tricky to negotiate to sell your house in Manhattan - so it might be wise to seek the help of a real estate agent.

2. If I were in the shoes of the buyer, what would I want to see from a prospective house?

After finishing the minor repairs and renovations that need to be done, have a friend check your house out to get an objective opinion. Or, put yourself in the shoes of a prospective buyer. If you are on the lookout for a house to buy, will you consider buying a residential real estate property which looks like what your house does right now?

3. Have I made all the preparations needed prior to selling my house?

Even before putting that "For Sale" sign on your lawn, you usually need about seven months of preparation if you want to sell your home.  Make sure that everything that needs to be cleaned, repaired and painted will be finished prior to the actual selling of the house.

4. When is the best time to sell?

In the United States, it is common practice to open up homes for sale during the summer. August is when the school year begins, so homes are most likely to be available during these times.  However, any month during the year is a good time to sell - as long as you see and feel that your house is ready for it.

5. What should I do to improve the value of the house?

This is something that you should be thinking about when renovating or remodeling any part of your home. Let's say that you decided to invest in hardwood floors. This usually increases the value of your home when it is up for reselling. You also need to make sure that the style and appearance of your home is up to par with the quality of the other houses in the neighborhood.

By crossing off these items from your to-do-list, you can easily turn your home into a house that can be seen as a prospective future home for a buyer.

Be ensure that the time you spent on cleaning and fixing will be worth every minute. A home that smells fresh and looks clean is good for inviting and attract extra attention and engagement. And who knows...maybe you will even get more than your asking value. There's no harm in trying!

So if you are constantly thinking about some genuine buyer who buys my house in Manhattan then keep the above-listed questions in mind while offering.
5 Questions That Every Homeowner Needs to Ask While Selling Your Home 5 Questions That Every Homeowner Needs to Ask While Selling Your Home Reviewed by Pravesh Kumar Maurya on November 07, 2019 Rating: 5

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