Faced A Breakup Recently? - Do Not Worry - I Have A Special Travel Therapy For You

Take it this way, a breakup is a freedom, Single is free. It is not the individual that is broken, but rather independence that is gained - it is a part of life. This is for all my friends who would have gone through a breakup phase. You are single now, imagine how easy it would be for you to stay in bed all day snuggled up with your blankets. Dealing with your post-breakup the feeling is never fun, but now you get the chance to find yourself a little and explore new places, meet new people - you never know you may find someone better.

Life is full of adventures - ups and downs - but what we should always remember is it is worth living. Go get out of your bed and book a plane ticket to any of the below destinations - trust me this travel therapy always works. I would recommend preparing an itinerary by yourself on the online platform of the United Airlines Reservations - they offer the best deals and looking at the prices you will definitely forget about your breakup. Lol, kidding, but do explore the United Airlines economy session to avail better offers on flight plus accommodation booking.
You should travel single at least twice in your lifetime. Truth me it works, when you are wandering the world solo you learn a lot about yourself - being single means finding your inner compass again and attempting to navigate this thing called "beautiful life". Pack your bags now - for these destinations:

Venice, Italy

If you are always around love and beauty then it gets boring sometimes, but this therapy works especially after a breakup. Venice will give you a little feeling of tourist place but will inspire your soul like no other place in the world - with water-filled streets, pastel and brick structures, quaint little bridges, this heaven will spark the creative side in you.
You will feel blessed to be in this picturesque place in Italy - the floating city of Venice is a replica of some beautiful postcard with crisscrossing canals, marvelous castles, ancient museums, art galleries, churches, and public squares. You will start to appreciate the artistic work done on the monuments and historic sculptures. It is a place where you would love to walk into the sunset, also do visit below places in Venice.
Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, Doge's Palace, Basilica Di San Marco, Piazza San Marco, Galleria Dell'Accademica, Teatro Le Fenice, and many other places.

Barcelona Spain

Barcelona will energize you completely, this city has a lot of life and light to give you. You will love to spend your day roaming around the markets for fresh smoothies and shopping at the local stores - the shopping therapy always works for a breakup - to feel good about yourself. The days are filled with sunshine and the beautiful beaches and busy streets are bustling alike.
You may even wander over to Park Guell. The top things you would like to see in Barcelona - Good football team, great beaches, dreamy architecture, delightful tapas, and famous places like Sagrada Familia, Passeig de Gracia, Camp Nou, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo, or Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya.
If you are unsure about visiting Barcelona and may change your mind last minute then it is advisable to book your tickets via the United Airlines Reservations online the platform, they offer convenient and the best last-minute cancellation facilities - check their terms and conditions online.

Cape Town, Africa

Learning from my experience, I want to give you a piece of advice, post-break-up try to give yourself up to the adventure. There is no better and quiet place for adventure - Cape Town is the one. It is time to reach for the stars, and the mountains - fly free in the air. Spend your days surfing, hiking, or seeing the natural world on a safari. In an adventurous trip you are already out of your comfort zone so challenge yourself to get a little more daring to experience all the adventurous activities in Cape Town.

Marrakech, Morocco

Food is something that can make anyone content, I am not talking about moderate food - it is about the delicious food items. Indulge yourself in the delicacies served in Marrakech, Morocco - create your bucket list with the food you want to try when you visit there. Here are some of my favorite street foods put together, that are served in Marrakech.
Harira Soup, Kebabs, Lamb Tanjia, Fish Chermoula, Brochettes, Tagine, Grilled vegetables, B'Stilla, Maakouda, and dried fruits.
Make some memories for yourself in Marrakech, it is a little exotic place - you can take a selfie lying on the mosaic-covered walls and post the same on social media. What else can you do? - Roam around the palaces and surround yourself with the greenery in the gardens, buy some souvenirs from the local artists - like garment and pots.

Galway, Ireland

Not every trip to Ireland is like "PS I Love You", ROFL - but who do not want a guy like Gerard Butler. Galway is filled with a lot of cities that will greet you with a warm welcome, your heart will melt with local's warm and friendly gesture. Sitting in the pub in Galway is a completely different experience, listen to live music or wander in the windy hills. The peace of mind at the post-breakup stage is must needed - go get some calmness by visiting this beautiful place in Ireland.
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