A Complete Guide to Health Insurance for Fitness Professionals

Whether you are a gym trainer, health coach, personal trainer, or exercise class instructor, making a decision to buy health insurance or not is always a burdensome task. One of the major doubts fitness professionals have is "Do I really need health insurance?” Well, being fit and healthy is a part of preventive care. You can never predict unexpected injuries and illnesses that can cost you thousands of dollars. Therefore, you ought to buy health insurance that covers your health and finances.

Do Personal Trainers Get Health Insurance?

Some personal trainers do, while some don't. But nowadays, almost all personal trainers are getting health insurance for obvious reasons. In some cases, the gym provides there trainers health insurance, but even if it does not, personal trainers can get health insurance anywhere in New York. A lot of people in New York are fitness freaks, and having health insurance obviously helps. You can also find insurance through the agency that certifies you as a personal trainer. If not, you can look out in the open market to find suitable health insurance. Personal trainers can work with or without employer-provided health insurance. 

Health Insurance for Personal Trainers

Employer-Provided Health Insurance

In the case of employer-provided health insurance, it depends on various factors. Two most common factors are whether you are an employee or an independent personal trainer and whether you work full-time or part-time. Most gyms provide health insurance to trainers who are their full-time employees. To achieve full-time status, you need to take several sessions a week regularly.

Personal Health Insurance

If you are not eligible for getting health insurance from your employer, you can still get benefits on Health Insurance NY Small Business. There are a few ways in which personal trainers can get deductions and discounts on purchasing personal health insurance, in New York. In several cases, personal trainers qualify for write-offs and premium discounts for health insurances. If you are one of them, you can write your health insurance off your taxes. Whether you are buying insurance only for yourself or have multiple people to insure, you have many Health Insurance NY Small Business options to choose from.

What if you don't get health insurance?

According to the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, you can get penalized for not getting minimum essential health insurance. It is applicable to anyone who avoids Health Insurance for three consecutive months. The penalty is $695 for adults, $347.50 for children, and $2,085 for a family. The penalty also includes 2.5 percent of the household income to equal to the yearly premium of Bronze Plan on the market or the national income. However, both penalties are not applied simultaneously. The one which has a greater amount is automatically applied.

But, the benefit of the Affordable Care Act is that it restricts the insurers to deny you from giving insurance or asking a premium for pre-existing conditions. It also offers many subsidies, which makes which can make health insurance cheaper and much more affordable. Therefore, you should visit a nearby Health Insurance NY Small Business to get more details about subsidies and discounts.

How to Find Ideal Health Insurance?

If you are in a condition where you need employer-sponsored health insurance, you need to put on more hours of work and more effort into the gym. The gym you work for may not consider trainers as employees but as independent trainers. Gyms that don't treat trainers as employees might not consider sponsoring health insurance for trainers. Even if this is the case with your gym, you don't need to worry because you have a lot of other options. You can visit a nearby Health Insurance NY Small Business to get personal insurance on your own. You can also check out the health insurance exchange of your state. Different insurance providers may vary in rate, and thus, you may need to research a bit.

However, if your gym does not give insurance to trainers, you can increase your input in the gym to become an integral part of the gym. Apart from being a trainer, you can offer services like membership coordinator or gym supervisor. If you manage to build a hybrid employment relationship with the gym, you will not only develop a steady stream of income but you may qualify for the employer-sponsored Health Insurance NY Small Business as well, plans dedicated especially for small businesses in New York. Gyms constantly look for employers who are not only good as trainers but can answer the queries of potential clients as well.

How to Pick a Plan for Health Insurance?

Health Insurance plans are generally divided into tiers, and they are named after metals to make plans easier to compare with each other.  For a healthy fitness professional, bronze or silver plans are ideal as they have low monthly premiums. However, they possess higher deductibles which need to be paid if care is required. One the other hand, if you are a person who visits the doctor frequently or has upcoming procedures lined up, you may choose the gold or platinum plans. These plans have high monthly premiums but cover all yearly costs.

If you are under 30 and healthy, you can also opt for the catastrophic plan, which is similar to the bronze and silver plans but which has lower monthly premiums. However, you cannot apply for financial aid to a catastrophic plan. Therefore, if you are qualified for financial assistance, you can go for catastrophic plans for reduced premiums and deductibles. If you are still confused with the plans, you can visit Health Insurance NY Small Business for further assistance.

However, there are a few things you can consider while selecting a perfect health insurance plan. A good plan must include:

* Network of Doctors and Hospitals: One of the most critical factors to consider while buying a plan from Health Insurance NY Small Business is to confirm the hospitals and doctors who are included in their network. You can either ask the provider or the hospital/doctor directly to confirm whether they are included in the plan or not. You should also consider hospitals included in case of emergency and specific diseases or surgeries.

* Prescription Cover: Find an insurance company which not only covers hospitalization costs but prescription costs like medicines and tests as well. You can call the insurance company directly to confirm their tier and policies. Always choose an insurance provider that covers pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization costs.

* Extra Perks: Many Health Insurance NY Small Business offer extra perks like free access to telemedicine, low copays, and rewards programs. These perks can make a big difference in how much you will end up spending on your healthcare next year. Browse carefully through the perks to choose the plan that offer the perks that will benefit you the most. 

Are you Eligible for Financial Assistance?

Your eligibility for financial assistance depends upon your household income. If you are eligible for financial assistance, your Health Insurance NY Small Business plan will become more affordable. You can be eligible for the following types of financial assistance.

* Premium tax credits: If you earn less than $47,520 as an individual or less than $97,200 as a family of four, you can qualify for a credit that reduces the cost of your monthly insurance premium.

* Cost-sharing reductions: Depending upon on your income, you can also qualify for other benefits like coinsurance, copays, and lower deductibles.

* Medicaid or the Children’s Health Program (CHIP): When you register for the Health Insurance, you may realize you are eligible for applying for certain low or zero-cost health insurance programs if your income is below a certain level.

Other Important Insurance Trainers Should Consider

Most of the fitness professionals like gym trainers, health coaches, personal trainers, and exercise class instructors work for themselves. However, there are severe risks that are associated with this profession, which you cannot ignore. Cases of clients stumbling upon at the gym, angry and dissatisfied clients may take legal action against you for not providing proper training or promising false results and recovery. These cases can be costly and destructive for your business and personal reputation.

Some of the events mentioned above can be controlled if the trainer is more careful and cautious. But in most cases, the situation is out of your control. Therefore, the best you can do is get coverage against these unavoidable events.

Some coverages you get if you have a Health Insurance NY Small Business gym insurance are:

* Public Liability Insurance: Public liability insurance is essential insurance if you want to skip the legal costs you may incur while defending yourself in court. A health insurance plan gives you mental peace as you can do your job peacefully without worrying about clients slipping on the floor and getting injured. This insurance, by no means, reduce your responsibility as a trainer but gives you support if something wrong with your clients.

* Professional Indemnity Insurance: The previous Health Insurance NY Small Business plan will come in handy if your clients get injured. However, if your clients accuse you of not providing good service or not providing the results you promised, public liability insurance will not help you. In that case, professional indemnity insurance comes to your rescue by helping you defend a claim and compensation payments. This insurance is vital because no matter how good a trainer you are, you will come across clients that will not achieve their goals. Therefore, it is always recommended to get a Health Insurance NY Small Business insurance for professional indemnity.

* Employer's Liability Insurance: This insurance is important for gym owners that have trainers working for them. If your employee falls ill or gets injured while working for you, you can get into trouble. Employer's liability insurance makes sure you get cover from incidents like clients harassing the employees, employees getting injured, etc.

* Director's and Officer's Insurance: This insurance is particularly for those people who the director of a big fitness company or a gym chain. A director is vulnerable to various types of claims which are covered by this insurance. 


Health Insurance is necessary for each and every individual. Many fitness professionals and personal trainers make this mistake of not getting a Health Insurance NY Small Business. If you are fit and healthy, it does not mean that you are safe from injuries and illnesses. Many gyms have employer-sponsored insurance for the trainers. However, if your gym does not have so, you have a plethora of insurance plans and providers to choose from. Health insurance can save you a hefty amount of money and is evidently beneficial for your overall health as well. 
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