4 Reasons Why Millennials are Opting for a Court Marriage


Since time immemorial marriages have been holding a very long and rich history in terms of the customs and rituals they carry with themselves. No matter what religion or culture we are talking about – be it Hindu, Muslim, Marathi, Christian, Punjabi, Marwari or any other Indian culture - each one of them embraces a number of customary rituals and ceremonies to be performed in the marriage which makes them a captivating, but at the same time, a very tedious process.

Recently, we have been observing this trend among the young couples that instead of going for a traditional wedding, more and more of them are opting for a court marriage these days. Earlier, the Special Marriage Act, 1954 provided the option of court marriage i.e. a civil ceremony for marriage in case of two parties belonging to different religions. But nowadays, a court marriage has become an equally feasible option even among parties to the marriage belonging to the same religion. There are many reasons why millennials have started opting for a court marriage instead of a traditional marriage. In this article, we will look into some of those most important reasons for opting a court marriage instead of a traditional style of marriage.

       It saves the futile and unnecessary expenses of a traditional marriage

A traditional wedding, with all the customary rituals and ceremonies included, involves hell lot of money to be spent by both the sides i.e. from the bride’s and the groom’s side. Rather than just being a private affair, having a lavish the wedding has become more of a status symbol for the families in society.
However, we can now see that to the young couples all the expenses in a big fat wedding such as of the decorations, gifts, parties, taking care of the guests and much more seem to be a wastage of money as the same is not essential especially when it is possible to have the same legal effect of marriage when it is done in the form of court marriage. A court marriage does not put the unnecessary burden of bearing those non-essential expenses of the traditional marriage on the bride’s or the groom’s parents.
Moreover, one of the biggest advantages is that although it does not get completely omitted the expectation of dowry gets minimized to a considerable extent from the bride’s parents by the groom’s side in case of court marriage.
Furthermore, this huge unnecessary expense of traditional marriage can be utilized for any another constructive purpose such as for the future of a newly wedded couple.

       It saves a lot of time as and when compared to a traditional marriage

In almost every kind of wedding, the various rituals and ceremonies start at least 4-5 days prior to the wedding day. Moreover, the planning and organizing the wedding takes months. Young couples, these days, wherein most of the cases both of them are working, do not have this much time to spend on the wedding preparations because of their hectic work schedules and work commitments. Whereas, court marriage is a very simple process which does not involve any of such ceremonies and the most important of all, the time of the bride and the groom, and their families. Also, apart from being a very time taking an event, it is very stressful at the same time to plan, organize and manage a wedding when done in a traditional way.

       A court marriage is a very private process of conducting a marriage

Nowadays, the young generation does not like to boast and flaunt about anything and rather prefer a private ceremony- marriage is also one such big example. Their mentality that marriage must only involve the closest of friends and family leads them to opt for a court marriage instead.  They do not want to involve a lot of people and rather prefer a very small and simple process. Earlier, marriage also used to serve as a way to show and prove the financial strength of a family among the people in society and impress them. Fortunately, with time, this notion is fading away among the millennials.

       A court marriage is a much practical option among the younger generation

Considering all of the above-discussed benefits of court marriage, it appears to be a very practical option among the young and educated millennials. Since the young generation is getting more and more aware as well as concerned about the ongoing and increasing hardships and challenges of the poor and unprivileged class of the society, they want to contribute for the betterment of society by helping those unprivileged class. Nowadays, when we look into the reasons why young couples are going for a court marriage, many times these couples quote that they want to utilize the money saved from the wedding by giving it in donation or charity for some good cause.
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