Offroading Protective Gear {for Fall Riding}

Off-roading is a great way to enjoy all the fun of motorcycle riding without the rules and traffic of the road. It also brings some unique challenges and opportunities along winding and often uneven trails. Of course, as with any other form of riding, off-roading requires proper protective gear. Below is some guidance on how to choose the right offroading protective gear for fall.

Off-Road Head Wear

Off-roading helmets are typically designed to work with goggles. This helps with airflow compared to a visor, which is important because off-roading is usually at lower speeds than street riding. One challenge of this is that goggles can fog up, especially during colder fall days. Anti-fog treatment is an absolute must for your goggles. Otherwise, they can get dangerously obstructed.

Most off-roading helmets are full-face designs with an integrated chin guard. This is the best choice for almost every rider. While it may be a little less comfortable than an open-face design, full-face will protect you better. Plus, it helps keep the mud out of your mouth, which can be unpleasant on wetter days in the fall.

Find a highly-protective helmet that you like the look of. The HJC i50 is a great choice for a basic black or white look.

Body Protective

Typically, off-roading bodywear involves separate protective armor underneath a shirt or jersey. While more casual off-roading may not require this setup, it can still be a good idea. Of course, if you’re on a bike set up with aftermarket parts for motorcycles and ripping down the trail, you need to get proper off-roading armor.

The more intense the ride, the more protection you should be investing in. A chest protector is one of the basic parts of off-roading protective gear. Adding neck support, back protector and/or elbow and knee guards may make sense if you’re going a little faster or on more challenging trails. You are almost bound to fall if you are off-roading, so consider how quickly you’ll be going and with how heavy of a bike.

As with all protective considerations, it is generally best to be safe rather than sorry with off-roading gear. Cover everything up with a jersey. Off-road jerseys are designed for maximum airflow, so you’ll stay cool while riding.

Boots, Gloves and Pants

While you’re head and body are typically the most important things to protect, don’t neglect your legs, feet or hands. Get some gear for these if for no other reason than protection from the dirt. Gloves, in particular, are important as the temperature drops, which can get pretty rough on your hands.

Again, specially-designed off-road gear is the way to go. It is waterproof, robust and promotes airflow. Off-roading is a lot more fun when you are setting up the right way.

Get Started

Riding a motorcycle can be a lot of fun. It is even better when you have all the parts and accessories you need. Whether you want some top-notch protective gear for your off-road bike or the best OEM parts for Honda Metropolitan, you can find it all online. Before you head out for your next ride, get kitted up for safety and fun.
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