Some Interesting Ideas for Living Room Decoration

The living room is an integral part of any home. Here the family members socialize and gather to spend quality time with each other. Guests also are welcomed in this room. So, living room decoration is very important. A well-designed living room can up the style quotient for you. And a neglected living room is enough for a bad impression. Hence, always be careful when you are decorating your living room. Here are some interesting ideas to decorate your living room.

·         The tiled mirror is great. These mirrors look beautiful and can be found in different shapes and sizes. You can make a mirror collage or hang only one piece over the mantle. These mirrors are great if you want a laid back vibe in your living room.

·         The painted brick wall is also a great idea. If you have a large wall or the wall above your fireplace empty then renovated it as a rustic painted brick wall. This adds a little earthy touch. You can hang a canvas painting for living room against this wall. That will add extra charm.

·         Plants are a safe choice. You can never go wrong with lush greens. Highlight a corner of your living room with a large house plant and your living room will transform in just a few seconds. Otherwise, you can put small indoor plants on a shelf. You can also use artificial lifelike greeneries or vines to decorate a deep colored wall. That surely works.

·         Navy blue walls have something magical in them. The walls look classy and sophisticated at the same time. If you have light-colored furniture or wonder furniture then navy blue is a great choice as the wall color. This neutral color is suitable for every style. You can paint one wall in a navy blue hue and hang any wall paintings for the living room with a golden edge. It will look so magical and classy that you will feel good in just a second.

·         If you are bored with old cabinets and storages then just leave them. Transfer wooden cabinets to any other room and bring chic shelves with panel designs and interesting pictures. Try to use an open shelf (at least one) with bright colored fabric boxed to store your things. These shelves look cool and casual and stylish.

·         A velvet sofa can be your weapon if you have a small living area. A velvet sofa in dark blue, maroon, deep green looks great against any backdrop. These sofas make your room look bigger and airier. Plus, velvet looks so classy. Hence, if you want your living room to be the hot topic of discussion, get a velvet sofa.

·         If you have a low budget but want to do a lot then invest in wall paintings. You can ask the interior decorator to paint designs or abstract designs in a wall of your living room. This wall will be a great backdrop for your sofa. Or you may invest in textured painting or subtle designs on the wall. It will renovate your living area and give it a modern look. A rustic wooden wall is also great for budget-conscious people.

There are also many other ideas. It will be better if you do not follow trends blindly. Add your personal touch in your decoration to make it more interesting and personalized. 
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