Must Have Camping Essentials You Should Never Forget

When going camping, it is important to make sure you pack everything you need. Forgetting something as simple as an extra pair of socks could turn a good day into a miserable one. I will be going over my top 5 items to never forget when going on a camping trip.


Water is essential for life so, of course, you must not forget it. How much water you need depends on how long and how far you are going to be away from civilization. You can store water bottles in a cooler, bring a water cooler with a tap and cups, or bring a hydration pack. Whatever you decide make sure that you never leave garbage at your campsite.

Extra Clothes

Bringing extra clothes is an easy precaution that can save your camping trip. If the weather doesn't end up as planned or the night gets a little more chilly than expected then you will be thankful you came prepared. Bringing along ponchos and layers of clothes will add some weight to your pack but could prove to be well worth it. I also always recommend bringing an extra pair of socks. Throughout the day your socks will become full of dirt, sweat, sand, and other elements. Changing into a fresh pair is one of the best feelings.

First Aid Kit

You never know when accidents will happen so it's important to be prepared for them. Bringing a first aid kit is a necessity when you are exploring the wilderness. Your first aid kit should come equipped with bandages, latex-free gloves, disinfectants, gauze, mole-skin, and a suture kit. Make sure that you know how to use all of these tools as well before going on your trip.


If you plan on camping overnight, chances are you plan on having a fire. If you plan on having a fire, you will need a way to start that fire. Firestarters come in many forms including lighters, matches, flint and steel, batteries and steel wool, and even a hand drill. Chances are you will be cooking food over the fire so this is an item that you will want to triple check that you have.


A radio is a great tool to bring on your trip. It can help warn of bad weather, tell the news, and allow you to listen to your favorite stations. If bad weather was to hit, a radio would be good to have around. You can know how severe the weather is and if you should be concerned. You can also use the radio for entertainment and listening to music around the fire.

While there are plenty of other important things to bring along these are my top 5 items. Whenever going camping I suggest making a list and checking over it while you pack. There are a number of websites where you can get camping supplies from including Campsmart, Amazon, and eBay. Good luck and happy camping!

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