Modular Furniture a Boom in the Interior Industry

Carpentry, traditionally, and in a lot of cases today, is yet one of the most sought-after ways of making furniture that fits the space dimensions, and the needs of the customer. However, a lot of people, especially the modern citizens of the country, are rapidly resorting to modular furniture, a form of readymade furniture that could be suited and used according to the layout of the space, and in accordance with the needs of the customer. With this blog, I will talk about the concept of modular furniture, and also talk about the reasons why modular furniture is increasingly enjoying acceptance across the country’s furniture spectrum. Besides this, I will also explain why budding interior designers must pay special attention to learning modular furniture while pursuing a diploma in interior designing.

What is Modular Furniture?

Modular furniture is defined as readymade furniture that can be used in accordance with the space available, and also as per the needs of the user. The need for modular furniture in the modern context is deeply rooted in the shortage of space that, perhaps, everyone in India is facing, and also the dynamic requirements of modern commercial and residential spaces. Today, it isn’t practically feasible for a business owner or a resident to invest in building large pieces of furniture, unless they’ve got an exceptionally large space to enjoy. In most of the cases, it is prudent to have furniture that is ready to use, and modifiable based on the requirement.

Modular furniture comes in as an extremely convenient alternative over the conventional counterpart, as it is easy to install and dismantle. This doesn’t just save time, but also helps you leverage the benefits of flexible furniture. Besides, you also save a lot of space and don’t really have to live with the challenges of those massive cupboards, chairs, tables, etc. that are, of course, difficult to deal with, but the investments made in them don’t let you discard them either! Modular furniture is more popular with computer tables, study tables, bedroom furniture, shelf, cupboards, almirahs, etc. Let us now take a look at the reasons why modular furniture is a boom in the interior industry, or in a way, look at the benefits of modular furniture that drive the ongoing trend.

Why is Modular Furniture so Popular in India? | Benefits of Modular Furniture

In today’s age, space optimization is one of the major forces driving almost every new concept in the modern interior designing industry. And, that’s quite natural, as we live in compact spaces today, and therefore intend to utilize every inch of the available space. Modular furniture is one of those smart concepts that have revolutionized furniture in India. Let us now take a look at some of the modular furniture advantages.

      1.      Modular furniture is a flexible option as compared to conventional carpenter-made furniture. It allows requirement-based usage of the furniture. So, you can bend, extend, fold, contract, and move the furniture as and when required. This is convenient and time-saving from the viewpoint of future expansion or shifting.

       2.      It is a cost-effective option and is made to suit the modern demands of modern spaces.
     3.      In case of damage to conventional furniture, you will be required to replace the entire object. However, modular furniture gives you the leeway to replace the damaged part, and not the entire bit.
       4.      Modular furniture can be quickly manufactured and assembled.

      5.      As it is flexible and modifiable, it can be easily transported. So, you don’t have to worry about damaged corners, or narrow alleys while moving the furniture.

       6.    Modular furniture is an eco-friendly option. It predominantly uses metal, as against the traditional one that mostly uses wood.

Why Learn Modular Furniture During Interior Designing Course?

Spaces will tend to reduce in the years to come, and the need for eco-friendly furniture too is only going to grow stronger by time. This is the reason why modular furniture is slated to be the future of commercial as well as residential furniture. Learning modular furniture and developing expertise over it will help increase the competence of budding interior designers, and develop their ability to deliver solution aligned with the customer’s requirements.

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