How to Search for CT Scan Centres in Mumbai

Mumbai is considered to be a big city that has everything one can imagine within its extents. But sometimes it can be a tricky task to find exactly what you need with excellent quality and effective price. The same is the case with CT Scan Centres in Mumbai, there are more than a hundred CT scan centers located in Mumbai. But not all of them can be trusted as there are various technological and moral reasons.

What is CT?

CT or CAT (Computed Tomography) is an imaging technique relating to the medical field which uses the concept of X-ray at different angles and axes get images of various internal organs in order to diagnosis disease and search for the treatment of the human body. It also makes a clear understanding of the various physiological processes undergoing the human body. It involves putting together many X-ray reports in order to generate a 3-dimensional structure of the human body or the infected part. It helps to locate the exact position of infection and helps doctors to search for a treatment for the same.

How it is different and better from an MRI scan?

CT scan involves the usage of X-rays and ionizing radiation, long term exposure to both of them can deeply impact and can cause adverse effects on the human body. While MRI scan uses no such radiations, it purely works on the principle of magnetic fields, so it is harmless and shows no adverse effect. CT scan is usually avoided in the case of children and pregnant ladies, while MRI being harmless, does not require any special prohibitions for anyone. The presence of ionizing radiations and X-rays makes CT scan different and better from an MRI scan.

What is the usage of a CT scan?

CT scan is widely used to detect bone disease and deformities like fractures. It also helps to detect diseases like cancer, heart disease, liver masses, or emphysema as it shows clear changes in the report. Besides that, it also helps to locate blood clots and tumors. It can also be used to determine whether the prescribed treatment is under effect or not, for example, the procedure of chemotherapy is working or not on a person suffering from cancer.  

Risks and Side-effects of CT scan

Since the process of CT scan involves usage of X-ray and ionizing radiations, long termed and repetitive exposure to this process can be hazardous for the human body. CT scan is strictly prohibited for children and pregnant women. It can damage blood cells and DNA molecules causing Radiation-induced cancer to the patient. A normal X-ray is hazardous for the human body at some levels, while CT scan includes 1000 times a similar dosage to the body in one scan. Such repetitive scans can damage a human body on a quite higher extent and increase the chances of cancer to manifolds. It is advisable to undergo a CT scan only when there is some health benefit from this process. You should ask your doctor about the potential health status and benefits of undergoing this scan before getting the scan.

How does the process work?

Firstly, any metallic object existing on the skin like watches, necklaces are removed, occasionally, patients are given sedation to decrease anxiety and lower claustrophobic experiences. A narrow beam of X-ray is aimed at the body and rotated quickly across the body to get "slices", the slices are put together to generate one final report of CT scan at the end. The patient has to lie still for accurate CT reports, it is advisable to breathe normally and stay relaxed. The time range of a standard scan is half an hour to an hour.

How to search for a good CT scan center?

Alone in Mumbai, there are more than a hundred scan centers already existing, then the biggest question is where to visit and why. A number of factors can help you to determine the same. In case of from where you should scan, a doctor's advice is not always helpful. Many times doctors do have a tie-up with scan centers and recommend that particular center for a scan. It is probably one of the few advice of the doctor you should not follow. Their advice might get you to end up at a bad scan center that can even produce fake reports on doctor's instructions just to increase the cost of medication for satisfying personal greed. You should carefully go through and check the scan center before undergoing any scan. There are a few ways you can determine the same, you can visit online health portals and websites to search and compare facilities and costing of CT scan centers nearby you. You should not prioritize money over facilities, try to maintain a balance and give facilities an upper edge. Have a look at, at least 10-20 scan center to get a better idea. You can also ask your friends and relatives about their past experiences. Online websites can also help you to deeply analyze the technological situation of each scan center and make sure which one is trustworthy. After sorting out the list of best scan centers, you can look at the pricing and go for the lowest CT scan cost in Mumbai. Because the cheapest is not always the best. There are scan centers that are using outdated technologies and producing an inaccurate report at lower costs. But a report is useless if it is not accurate and precise. You should consider each and every aspect and then only undergo a scan at a particular center.

All the steps and precautions mentioned above to search for centers are one-time tasks, as afterward, you can go to the selected scan center every time to get any type of scan done whenever required. You should never undergo a CT scan unless advised by a physician, because whether small, but there is a chance of getting cancer and it increases to twice after each CT scan. You should prefer an MRI scan instead of a CT scan if possible as it is not harmful at all to a normal human being.
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