Mattresses And Sleep Positions Can Help In Different Back Conditions

You may suffer from different types of back conditions, mild or acute and for all your sleep position and mattress can be the cause. Both of these can also be the cure of your different back problems if you change them both according to the suggestions of your doctor for each different back pain diagnosis. Therefore, know about these types of back problems and its characteristics before you go to buy a mattress for your bed.

Different types of back conditions

Ideally, the preference for a particular type of mattress as well sleep positions may be required for certain types of painful back conditions:

      ·        Osteoarthritis: This is a pain in the back region which is often relieved when you sleep sideways in a fetal position, meaning your knees are curled up when you sleep. The pressure on your spine is relieved as the facet joints open up. Otherwise, you can also sleep in an adjustable bed or on a reclining chair if you cannot sleep sideways in a traditional bed. This will elevate your head and knees thereby relieving the pressure on your facet joints.

      ·      Degenerative disc disease: If you suffer from such a disease then you will get enough relief when you sleep on your stomach. The disc space this way will experience less pressure. Usually, doctors suggest the patients suffering from degenerative disc disease to sleep on a comparatively firm mattress and to place a flat pillow under their hips and stomach for added comfort and also for further opening of the disc space to reduce stress on your lower back. Sometimes, you may also be suggested to use a wedge pillow when you sleep on your back to keep your upper body elevated slightly. You may also sleep on an adjustable bed with your knees bent slightly.

     ·      Spinal Stenosis: If you are diagnosed with this condition then it is best to sleep in a fetal position on your side s with your knees curled up. This way the nerve root will experience less pressure. On the other hand, you may also sleep in an adjustable bed or a reclining chair that will keep your head and knees elevated to relieve the pressure on your nerves.

     ·    Bursitis: This is the condition when there is an inflammation in the bursa located over the hips. This is commonly known as the greater trochanteric bursitis in medical terms. If you sleep on a mattress that it very firm you will aggravate the condition as it will increase the pressure on your hips due to the firmness of the mattress. To stop the pain from aggravating, buy a pillow top mattress. The extra padding on the surface will reduce the pressure on your hip. Just make sure that you are read the full review of the mattress and buy it from a genuine store to get the best results.

Therefore, never ignore visiting your doctor when you experience pain in your back, especially every morning after you wake up. If you nip the issue in the bud it will save time, money and pain.
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