What to Remember as An Executive Assistant

Becoming an executive assistant is not an easy role, and with so much to remember not everyone is up to the task. If you are strong-willed, organized, and know your stuff, you could make the perfect executive assistant. Regardless, there are still things to learn and this article is here to ensure you stay on top of your jobs and continue to progress in your role.

Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

The best work relationships are ones in which both parties can discuss concerns. You should never be afraid of your boss and if you are then maybe this is because they are not treating you as they should be. Speaking up can be worrying for many, but of course, there are ways and means in which to go about this so that they do not get offended but you can still air your concerns. Gaining feedback for your own work is important too. Ask your boss if there is anything you could have done differently, so you can work on that in the future.

Go Digital!                                                                

Let’s face it, these days everything is done via text or over the internet. Going paperless is the best way to ensure you do not misplace any important information and it also saves you the job of typing things up afterward. There are so many helpful plug-ins and applications for executive assistants that can make your job easier. We’ve found a list of Executive Assistant Tips, including the amazing apps that could save the day. This includes task organizers, trip planning apps, and automated expense reporting apps. The list on executive assistant tips can be found here. Get prepared and go digital!

Gain All the Information You Need on One Clear Database

When starting your role, it is important to keep all the information you could possibly need in one place. This means you do not have to continuously ask for things you previously missed when you first started. Planning some form of information business meeting with your executive will enable you to create clear and concise folders containing everything you may need whilst working for them. This includes but is not limited to contacts, bios/headshots, important documents such as registration, leases, passports, insurance etc., and passwords.


As an executive assistant, you need to wrap your head around prioritizing. Knowing your boss and the jobs that are most important to them, as well as the jobs that need to be done first, is vital when being an assistant. It may take some getting used to and it also may mean that you leave a job you had started unfinished whilst you prioritize another. It is all about working with the flow and changing plans very quickly when needed. Some people love to do things in order or find it difficult to understand which task should be the number one priority, especially if they all seem important and urgent. If this sounds like you, here are some tips for when everything seems like a top priority.

Following these simple tips will keep you top of the game when working as an executive assistant.

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