How Long Can I Drive in Arlington with a Windshield Crack?

The beautiful town of Arlington is home some amazing historical and cultural landmarks, but one things resident will agree with is, it's always a bit breezy. A windshield crack in wind may not be a great idea. Texas windshield damage laws state … nothing! Yes, there are no specific laws dictating the condition of what a damaged windshield is.

A windshield crack vary’s in nature depending on several factors. A deep crack that leaves a hole in your windshield may render your car unfit to drive. However, people do drive with minor chips and tiny cracks on the front layer of the windshield. Although it’s alright to drive like that for a while, it's always a great idea to have a technician inspect the car windshield immediately.
There are 3 major factors that you should consider before driving with a crack in Arlington:

Structural Integrity of the Glass

The most important factor to inspect on a damaged windshield before driving is if its structural integrity is still intact. The windshield is not just a barrier protecting you from harm, in modern vehicles, it actually supports the structure up to the front and in the back.
It’s crucial to inspect around the frame of the windshield to confirm there are no cracks. The frame holds the roof from caving in, in case the car is met with an accident. Driving with a damaged frame especially in a breezy town like Arlington, Texas can lead to a more severe crack with the threat of both debris and high wind pressure.
Both minor and major damage to the windshield frame should be taking very seriously, due to the apparent hazard Always ensure the safety of your windscreen frame, a weakness in the glass can cause harm to both the drive and passengers.

The Area of Damage

The part of the windshield that has been damaged is the second crucial factor. A damaged windshield may it be chipped or cracked can be absolutely fine to drive depending on which area has sustained the damage.
In case the damage obscures the vision of the driver in any way it is completely unsafe to drive. This, as it happens, is in the jurisdiction of Texas road safety law and a violation. Minor damage or even a visible crack on the passenger side is fine to drive with but should be repaired immediately.


Due to their construction, the windshield can take significant damage before shattering. However, the fact to keep in mind is that it's still, glass.
The size of a crack is significant in determining if it can allow you to drive safely without making it any bigger. The size is also important to determine if the crack can be repaired or if you need complete windshield replacement.
Windshield damage or cracks that can be covered with a dollar bill can be repaired. Anything bigger will eventually begin to spread from wind, long exposure to the sun, impact with debris, and even by shutting the car door too hard.
Try the dollar bill test. If the windshield conforms you can drive it for a day or two, but remember to have it repaired by a glass technician. It will restore the original strength of your glass and the windshield will last you much longer.

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