Update on JEE Main 2019 Results

NTA has declared that it will announce JEE Main result on January 31st, 2019. The results will be put up online, on the site jeemain.nic.in. The students will need to enter their details like Application number and Password/Date of Birth. After the results have been declared once, the NTA pass over the data to the Centralised Seat Allocation Board (CSAB) or the respectively concerned State Govt./ institute which is in charge of seat allocation process and admission procedure.
If a candidate appears for both attempts, the higher of the two scores of the candidate will be chosen for further processing. The candidates must remember that only the All India Rank will be used for admissions through CSAB/JoSAA to NITS/IITS/CTFI/SFIs
JEE Main 2019 Admit cards have been released and you will require your admit card to get details of your results.

JEE Main 2019 Result Date

The score for JEE Main 2019 Result will be used for admission into IITs/NITs/CFTIs/SFIs and all other engineering colleges also use these results for granting admissions to students to their various courses. During last year alone, 10,43,739 candidates appeared for the JEE Mains exam. Out of which 1,80,331 boys and 50,693 girls actually qualified for the JEE Advanced.
Here is a brief schedule for the JEE Mains important dates.
The candidates can check their JEE results on – jeemain.nic.in

Checking the JEE Main 2019 Result

The candidates who have appeared for JEE Mains can check their result by following the given steps.
1.  Click on the link which will be updated on the website as soon as the results are announced.
2.      Then, you need to enter details such as Application Number and/or password.
 3. Click on the login button to enter your details and then your result will be displayed on the web portal.

4. The candidate is to take a printout of the result sheet as the candidates will have to submit it wherever they go apply for college.

Procedure for Declaration of Results

The results for the candidates who have given the JEE mains will be prepared according to the normalization technique. The percentile for all students will be calculated according to the normalization procedure as well. Let’s take a look at what this technique is and how it works in simple terms.

What is a Percentile Score?

Many people get confused between percentage and percentile. The percentile score is calculated on the basis the relative performance of the candidate to all others who participated in the exam. Percentile basically shows your rank among all the people you competed against and where you stand. (I.e. AIR 20)
For e.g. let’s say there is a class of hundred students and you came in 4th highest in the exam. You scored better than 95 other people in the exam. Thus, your percentile would turn out to be 95 percentile.

What is Raw Score?

In simple terms, the raw score is basically the score obtained by the candidate on the basis of the marking system defined by the NTA. In this system, 4 marks are awarded for a correct answer and a negative one is deducted for every wrong answer. On the basis of total marks obtained by the candidate under this system, that result is called a raw score.

Procedure for Preparation of Merit List

        First, the candidates are distributed into four different sessions randomly, so that each section has on an average equal number of candidates.
        The exam results for each section would be prepared in the form of raw scores, percentile scores, and total percentile.
        Then the percentile scores of the total raw scored of all four sections would be combined and would be the NTA scores.
        These NTA scores will be used to make the full merit list/ranking list.

Compilation and Display of Results

The NTA will be displaying the results of JEE Mains 2019 in the following manner.
        Compilation of First Attempt Results
For this, the NTA scores will be calculated on the basis of the raw scores obtained by a candidate in each session as per the procedures mentioned above. Finally, for the declaration of the final result, the NTA scores for all the sessions would be merged. The result shall consist of the four NTA scores for each of the three following subjects (Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics) for the first attempt.
        Compilation of Second Attempt Results
As given above, the NTA scores will be calculated on the basis of raw marks obtained by a candidate in each session. Similarly, the result will be calculated on the basis of the merged scored and displayed on the website.
        Compilation of Result and Preparation of Merit List
Now, when it comes to the final NTA score, the NTA scores of the candidate’s first as well as second attempt are both taken into consideration. The score with the highest value is chosen as the score of the candidate and the merit list is prepared according to that.

TIEBREAKER Criteria in JEE 2019

If two or more students get the same marks in JEE mains the following criteria will be used to determine the placement of ranking for conflicting candidates.

Tie Breaker in case of Paper 1 (BE/BTech)

1.     The candidates with higher marks in mathematics in JEE Maths will be ranked higher in the merit list.
2.    If there is still a tie, the candidate with higher marks in physics will be given the higher rank.

3.   If both the scores of Mathematics and Physics are the same, the candidates would be given the same ranks.
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