Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Look and Feel Larger

The Rules of Color:

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking dark colors will make a small room feel smaller. Light colored rooms can feel small as well as dark rooms can feel bleak. The technique is what makes the colors work. Dark colors and proper shading can make kitchen interiors feel as large as indefinite and lackluster light neutral shades.

Create an Illusion:

Have your primary color mixed into two shades? The basic color should be exactly one shade darker. Have your local paint dealer help you with this step. Paint the walls nearest the entrance of the kitchen with the dark shade with the lighter shade applied to the farthest walls. This draws attention away from the small kitchen size by softening its “end” and embellishing its size and length. Many home interior designers to make a small kitchen look larger use this ploy.

Creating Space with Flooring:

You may think that small tiles will make kitchen interiors look larger but this is simply not true. By using tiles that are 18 inches or larger, space is instantly made to feel bigger, creating the feel of a large space. This illusion works well in any small kitchen. Make sure to rent professional storage space like self storage Tulsa to doing the renovation process. It will prevent household items from damages.

Lay Tile Diagonally:

Do not lay the tile horizontally, instead of laying it diagonally to trick the eye into believing that space is increasing. This will make it appear as if there is no end to the tile.

Create Space with Light:

Avoid heavy window dressing in a small kitchen. The natural light will make the kitchen appear to have more space. The shadow and shading created by the sun shining through will set the mood more than any dark window treatment.

Under Cabinet Lighting:

You can make a kitchen appear larger by installing under cabinet lighting. This can make the kitchen feel larger by drawing indirect awareness of more space. This also works well to set a peaceful mood.

Open the Room with Cabinetry:

Cabinet space in a kitchen is crucial and the capability to scale down is almost unachievable. Before considering eliminating, any important cabinets try modernizing their style with glass doors to invite the feeling of space.

Regardless if your budget grants minor upgrades or a total overhaul there are many good opportunities to achieve making a small kitchen look larger. More importantly, you must remember that a kitchen that looks larger is a kitchen that feels larger, and this is your goal. This will be done not by freeing space, but using space wisely
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