8 Useful Tips For The Best Vaping Experience With Herbal Vaporizers

Whether you are consuming cannabis for recreational purpose or because of its medical benefits, the best way for consuming cannabis is vaporization with a vaporizer. There are names like Storz & Bickel producing iconic desktop vaporizers like The Volcano and portable vaporizer like The Mighty. Apart from Storz & Bickel, there are several other brands producing wide ranges of herbal vaporizers. 

In case you have just purchased one of the best herbal vaporizers then the following tips will help you in getting the best vaping experience.  

Get fresh herbs

Here fresh does not mean that the herb should be freshly harvested. It should be high quality and well-cured bud. Don't use a bud that is stale, dried out and old. Your vaping experience depends on what you are vaping. Use herb with the higher moisture concentration. The herb vaporizer heats the material to its boiling point. The moisture content is vaporized and what you inhale is the vapors produced in this process. 

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The bud should be neither too wet nor too dry. There is an easy way to test the moisture content. The bud should not be wet to touch. And, you should not be able to crush it. 

Grind properly

After inspecting the bud, make sure that it is fit for vaping. Grind it properly. This will increase the surface area of the weed. Heat produced by the vaporizer can penetrate the material more efficiently. The result is thick, nice and tasty vapor. You can grind the herb manually or you can use an electric grinder. Make sure you grind it evenly.                 

Check the temperature 

Here comes the most important aspect. Vapors are produced when you heat up the herb. When you burn the herb, it produces smoke. Therefore, be aware of the ideal temperatures for heating different herbs or concentrates. The moisture content of the herb also changes the effects dry herb produces at different temperatures. When you are vaping at a lower temperature, you feel clear-headed. And, when you are vaping at a higher temperature, you feel more relaxed.               

Don't pack it too tight

The overall experience also depends on how tightly you pack the herb in the chamber. Packing it too tight will change the flow of vapors to the mouthpiece. Apart from that, overpacking can also damage the device.     

Preheat your herb vaporizer

This device is just like an oven. Give it some time to heat up. The modern vaporizers take only a few seconds to heat up. However, desktop vaporizers and some old portable vaporizers will make you wait a little more. Always read instructions before using a vaporizer. Follow the preheating guidelines.            

Inhale lightly and slowly

Take short and gentle drags when you are vaporizing. The trend of taking long, deep and big drags is outdated now. There are two downsides of taking big hits.

First of all, when you are taking hard and long puffs, your herbal vaporizer sucks up some of the weed. The weed from the chamber gets into the mouthpiece and from there into your mouth.   

Secondly, this introduces cold air in the chamber and reduces the temperature in the vaporizer. This will make your vaporizer work hard and affect the quality of the vapors the vaporizer produces.    

Avoid combustion

As mentioned earlier, a vaporizer heats up the material to produce vapors. Combustion breaks down the chemical bonds in the weed and releases free radicals. Free radicals and other compounds produced due to combustion combine together and create toxic carcinogens. So, always follow temperature guidelines while vaporizing a herb.             

Maintain your vaporizer 

Want the best vaping experience? You will have to maintain your vaporizer properly for that. A vaporizer is just like any other machine and requires proper maintenance to function properly.
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