Winters – The Best Time for Beach Vacations

As the temperatures dip and the skies clear, the coasts of Southern India become more accommodating and allow for more exploration. Bangalore is well-connected to some of the most iconic beach towns of the country – some major party destinations and some of them full of offbeat surprises. With the easy availability of self driven cars, one can plan a trip at any time. Here are some of the best beach destinations that are perfect for a long weekend getaway.

Pondicherry and Tranquebar:

Southern India’s coasts offer a mosaic of different histories. The colonial chapters exist here in many shades. 7 hours from Bangalore, Pondicherry is a fascinating destination - the leafy French Quarters with their impeccable architecture remain an endearing part of the town. One can also visit the promenade and spend an evening gazing at the sea crashing on rocks.

Tranquebar, which is also on the East Coast Road further south from Pondicherry, is home to the second oldest Danish Fort in the world. Other attractions on this coastal town include the Tranquebar Museum which is home to relics and artifacts from the Vijayanagar Empire apart from articles from the Danish period. The New Jerusalem Church is 300 years old although it had to be restored extensively after the 2004 tsunami.


A 486-km drive to the scenic Western Coast is a good reason enough to head off to the beaches and temples of Gokarna. It has arguably become Karnataka’s favourite holiday spot after Goa and for all the right reasons. Backpacker friendly with enough facilities for family travellers and those ready to spend more, Gokarna offers a mix of sand, surf, and culture.

The main town is known for its ancient temples and also its bazaars – perfect places for people watching. The most celebrated of the beaches is Ohm Beach, a wonderful sight as one reaches the cliffs that drop into the sands facing the blue Arabian Sea. The surrounding hills also make for good treks – one can discover the other, more secluded beaches by crisscrossing across the terrain. Kudle, Paradise, and Half-Moon Beaches are the other spots that need to be visited on a Gokarna trip. Gokarna is a good place for foodies. Come winter, the beachside is full of shacks where one can sit back and tuck into some delicious seafood.

Go for Self Drive – Enjoy Uncompromised Travel:

There are many reasons why travellers are skipping chauffeured cabs and opting for self drive cars in Bangalore. Rentals allow the authentic road trip experience. After all, the journey is as important as the destination. Complete privacy is guaranteed and the extra space is very welcome when there is a large group. App-based rental companies like Zoomcar have made life much easier. Rental plans are affordable and customers can choose from the latest car models – whether hatchbacks, sedans, or SUVs. Apart from getting to travel in a swanky car, travellers also enjoy 24/7 on-road support, which is appreciated by all those who have a long journey.
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