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There is something uniquely alluring about mountains in the monsoon. Heading out of the city into these verdant lands is always a delightful affair, even more so in a self driven car, without the presence of a chauffeur. For those who love to get behind the wheel, here are some top monsoon escapades from Bangalore.


The district of Coorg is a place full of surprises. The coffee plantations and the thick forests provide a setting that is worlds apart from the concrete jungles of Bangalore. The cuisine here is one of the most distinctive in Karnataka – a stop in Madikeri or Virajpet is always recommended so travellers can dig into the local dishes.

This is the season where the rivulets and streams swell and the waterfalls are at the mightiest form. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in some whitewater rafting and kayaking while early morning bird watching on the fringes of Nagarhole National Park will be an experience to relish.


A magnet for hardcore adventurers, Agumbe is where one can feel the real power of the monsoon. Photographers will enjoy the panoramas on offer while nature enthusiasts will love the trekking and hiking options. Visiting some of the waterfalls is recommended – some of the most impressive ones include  Barkana Falls, one of the highest in India, Jogigundi Falls and the Onake Abbi Falls, which involves a trek through the rainforest.


Another place that offers a unique monsoon experience, Wayanad is one of Kerala’s hidden treasures. It is famed for its rich forests, home to some of India’s largest pachyderm herds. The Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is home to myriad species of animals and birds, including elephants, bison, and tigers. The reserve can be visited during specific day timings. Wayanad is also famous for the Soochipara waterfalls and the Banasura Lake. Chembra Peak and the Heart Lake are other natural attractions tucked amidst the scenic Western Ghats.


Ooty in monsoon is a different experience – the crowds are thinner and the green meadows are shrouded in mist while the sounds of the forests signal the rejuvenation of Mother Earth itself. The drive to Ooty is very picturesque and some of the highlights include expansive tea gardens and quaint architecture. Ooty is a good destination for families because of its many attractions. A trip to Doddabetta Peak is always a good idea – at 2637 meters above sea level it is the highest point in South India. Other landmarks in this famed hill station are the Rose Garden and the historic St. Stephen’s Church.

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