5 Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Wikipedia for Content Marketing

With the revolution in the world of technology people have seen tremendous changes in the business world. From operations to marketing everything has been shifted to digital mediums. Digital mediums have been a remarkable help in making the business to grow. If we talk about marketing it could be clearly stated that people have made considerations on marketing their products through digital medium and this is what we call digital marketing. One of the branches of digital marketing that has been seen with great results is stated as content marketing. 

Content marketing refer to developing content and marketing the brand or product through the same. You can use different platforms for it. The platform that we will discuss here is Wikipedia. The fifth most visited website in the world, Wikipedia is one of the platforms that can make the content marketing to be done effectively. Here are 5 ways how Wikipedia can be used for content marketing.

     1.    Create a Wikipedia page:

Wikipedia experts have stated that Wikipedia only accepts written content with a few images and it makes the content marketers able to consider this platform for making the best out of their marketing techniques. Creating a Wikipedia page might give you a chance to create your brand awareness to the people which could then become the base of your other marketing campaigns. A Wikipedia page could one of the best strategies for making the content marketing technique to be incorporated in the business.

     2.    Increase traffic on your website through the Wikipedia page:

Wikipedia content could be supported with backlinks. Wikipedia allows the page creators to link the content with some backlinks this is a great way to get the traffic to your website or page. The connection of Wikipedia with your homepage will make your website to have a good rank in google search through having the organic visits on the site.

     3.    Get in google search:

Wikipedia being one of the most visited website in the world has a place in the top searches of google search engine. One of the ways to get into the google search through your content is to get your name on Wikipedia. This platform of content marketing could make you able to get in the top searches which will benefit in the recognition of your brand. Being in google search will surely give your business a boost.

     4.    Contribute to different pages:

Another way that you can make your content marketing to benefit your business through Wikipedia is by contributing to different pages. You can research about the different pages that are connected to your brand in one way or the other and then you can mention your brand there too. This will make the readers to get the idea about your brand or business while they are reading different pages. This is a good way to use the content marketing through Wikipedia’s to get yourself marketed.

     5.     Content marketing through images:

Wikipedia is although about written content mostly, however, it also allows graphical content like images and pictures to be used as well. Images could become an attraction for the viewers and it could make the brand remembrance to be increased through content marketing on this platform. People often get confused that content marketing is only about written content but through this platform, the images could also be used to market the brand.

Content marketing is one of the most applied and used techniques of digital marketing in recent times. Marketing the content through Wikipedia will surely give business a boost as it is one of the most visited websites in the world. Being accessed by millions of people daily is surely one of the characteristics that make this platform to be used for the marketing of a business. Also, it is cost effective and lesser costs are incurred in getting to this platform which makes it highly considerable in the business marketing.  
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