4 Reasons Why People Are Falling in Love with Instagram

There is not a single person who has not discovered Instagram and opened their account in this ever popular social networking site. Instagram has gained immense popularity over a short period and is currently considered to be one of the best social media sites after Facebook. In fact, the number of monthly users active on Instagram has surpassed that of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. There are almost 1 billion users and when you post something, at least 1.4 million eyes are waiting to view the post. This is why businesses have started shifting to Instagram in order to gain more customers, and eventually, more revenue. Once a person gets the taste of Instagram, he is never going to go back.

Go through the reasons below to understand why people are falling in love with Instagram on a regular basis.

Instagram allows people to tell a story:

Instagram is completely visual and it permits people to tell unique and interesting stories. Instagram has introduced itself as a beautiful and fast way of sharing whatever is happening in your life with your family and friends, by uploading numerous pictures.
You can click pictures no matter where you are, choose a filter that Instagram provides for transforming the feel of the picture, and then, you can upload it on Instagram on the go. If you are interested, you can also send these photos to Twitter, Flickr, or Facebook.

Instagram allows micro-blogging:

Over the years, micro-blogging has become extremely popular. Bloggers are using Instagram as the best place for micro-blogging. It has been observed that they upload a picture and write a catchy and interesting caption, which is almost similar to micro-blogging.
They even add links on their post to their website so that you can directly go to the websites if you are interested in the complete story behind that particular post. This helps in building a huge deal of follower engagement.

Instagram allows you to be social:

Instagram is not just for showcasing all the beautiful photos that you have, but it is also a great social media platform, which allows you to exchange likes and comments. You have the option of following others and others can follow you back as well.
Gaining followers is extremely important, especially if you are interested in making your account look credible. You can gain real like on your posts with the help of stormlikes.com.

Instagram allows you to have fun:

Capturing a photo, modifying it with the help of Instagram filters, and making the photo look wonderful is extremely fun. Instagram allows people to take part in photography challenges that are hosted by other Instagram users.
You can take part in these challenges and showcase your photography skills. It does not matter if you are getting a reward or not, but for sure, you will get many followers.


An important reason as to why Instagram is loved and adored so much is because it is completely free. All you have to do is open an account on Instagram with the help of your email ID or Facebook account. Once you do so, you will understand why so many people are in awe of Instagram.
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