Visual Principles to Follow While Creating Graphic Design Content on Instagram

If you are keen on promoting your graphic design company on Instagram, you must keep in mind that over the last few years, there has been a huge technological leap. There has been a complete transformation in the tools that are being used. Today, you could use upgraded or advanced machines for accessing the tools. There has been a total transformation in terms of the platforms where your work is supposed to be showcased. It is quite clear that a lot has taken place over the past few years and technology has totally revolutionized the creative landscape. Fortunately, certain things have remained somewhat the same and relatively unchanged or untouched. The basic principles of creating graphic design content on Instagram still remains the same.

Previously, Instagram was only about filtered images of your pets and your lunch but over the years, Instagram has become much more than merely a photo-sharing app and has grown into an infinitely useful creative tool. Today, Instagram could be utilized for almost everything and so numerous creative people are currently using this platform as a perfectly cataloged portfolio of all their creations and an effective platform for networking with others related to the same field. Right from illustrators, handcrafted typographers, graphic designers, and painters to 3D designers and animators, there are Instagram pages dedicated to every creative niche.
Let us explore the key visual principles to keep in mind while creating graphic designs for Instagram. In this context, you must know that Instagram is today’s most effective and influential social platform. Needless to mention, Instagram is also regarded as the most competitive social networking site. The content must help you to attain success. According to the statistics maintained by Shopify, the average order value of Instagram seems to be $65 but it seems to be only $55 on Facebook, $46.29 on Twitter, and $58.95 on Pinterest.
Moreover, statistics further reveal that Instagram users would be engaging with brands almost ten times more in comparison to the Facebook, around 54 times more in comparison to Pinterest and about 84 times more as compared to Twitter. So it is essential for all types of businesses including graphic design companies to be on Instagram to leverage this amazing platform. Here are the key principles to keep in mind while creating suitable visual content for this image-sharing platform.

Include a Focal Point

In essence, this involves everything related to the core principle that your eyes would be requiring a resting place while viewing a picture: something fascinating that really grabs your attention. Without this focal point in your pictures, there is every chance that the viewer would be glancing through the picture and move on almost instantaneously as nothing has actually caught their fancy or held their attention. It is quite obvious, the more fascinating and appealing the focal point is, the better it is. Consider visiting Gramblast to seek professional assistance for perfect digital marketing solutions.

Follow the Rule of Thirds

People who have an experience in photography would be conversant with this rule of thirds. Since it takes into consideration how we would be viewing the pictures, we should be breaking them down precisely into thirds. So when a picture is actually broken down accurately into thirds, it would be giving you 9 parts of a picture that gives rise to the central grid and your attention would surely be diverted to the central grid. The most important or striking part of a picture must, therefore, sit strategically on the central grid for drawing instant attention. Pictures that have the main content sitting in the central grid would surely be better balanced, more engaging, and easy on your eyes.

Focus on Symmetry

In a nutshell, we could say that the human brain automatically is inclined toward symmetry. Therefore, humans are actually, fine-tuned for detecting symmetry and getting attracted by it. So it is pretty obvious that symmetrical content would prove to be definitely more engaging. When you know this, you must make it a point to look at assets for assessing if it could be cropped or centered to make it relatively more symmetrical and attractive. You simply cannot imagine how effective just a small tweak could prove to be. It would make all the difference in terms of engagement.


Here again, there is an emphasis on using certain elements in the picture to effectively provide focus so that the viewers could see it. In this context, you must keep in mind that silhouettes are supposed to be a convenient way of achieving this. In the similar fashion, you must use contrasts and shapes.

Unanticipated Shooting Angles

Here the chief intention is to showcase an extremely familiar world from a whole new and totally unaccustomed vantage point. Unanticipated shooting angles would lead to arresting pictures that grab your attention.                                                                     

Pay Attention to Detail

You must always pay attention to detail because the devil seems to be in the detail. This holds particularly true in case of imagery. When you see a picture taking into consideration its entirety, the picture may not seem that engaging. However, when you focus your attention on a particular part of the picture, it could be totally transformed. Therefore, experts recommend that you must not judge a picture by simply glancing through it. There could be a lot more to an image than what actually meets the eye. See if the picture could be cropped in a certain manner that could transform it radically into something truly special. Moreover, as you would be concentrating on a particular part of a picture, in detail, you must then ensure that the picture is of high resolution.


We would be concluding by emphasizing the fact that the above-discussed graphic design principles have actually been there for a long time and have successfully managed to sustain in this ever-changing and dynamic world of the Internet. In today’s fast-paced digital era, these core graphic design principles are truly relevant and important. These principles are basic tenets of graphic design and could be successfully applied to a wide range of designs. These key graphic design principles are the foundation of a good and stunning Instagram post! So, we can see that Instagram with more than 800 million MAUs is one of the most popular social media platforms for budding graphic designers. This picture-oriented platform allows you to effectively capture and even share everything about your world. You could also use the Instagram platform to take a look at the posts shared by all your favorite graphic designers to draw inspiration from them.
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