Get Top 380+ Instant Approval High DA Free Guest Posting Sites List 2018

What is Guest Blogging Site?

You might be wondering about the topic then what is guest blogging? Well, guest blogging is a method that is extensively used by bloggers, so that they can increase the traffic for their websites. Guest blogging works in such a way that they offer to give engaging content for the receiver. In this, the bloggers basically receive content for their own websites so that they could create an opportunity, to further promote their blogs, names in different industries. In times of today, many bloggers use Sponsored article submission sites to submit guest posts to build different links for their websites.

Why we need to hire an expert Guest Blogger or Outreach Guest Blogging Agency:-

I hope that you have known what guest blogger actually is. If you are in need of a professional and experienced guest blogger or outreach guest blogging Agency so that they can help you in guiding and handling the guest blogging hire them now. In the field of the internet, you will see many different guest blogging sites which provide content marketing, blogging, link submissions as a whole. Before you move on, let’s see the ultimate listings of blogs that accept the submission of guest posts on the websites.

How to get Categories of Instant Approval High DA Free Guest Posting Sites List:

  • · Art blogs which accept guest posting: if we talk about art blogs, there are around more than 25 blogs in the total listings of guest blogging. Art blogging consists of all the little details which must be verified so that you know how you can submit your guest's blogs to the websites.
  • · Business which accepts guest posts: whether small r big, every enterprise has a need to generate high traffic links and contents to their websites. As each blog and blog postings are exceptional in their own way, each guest blogging I’ll give you an idea that how you can apply or write them so that it generates more and more traffic to your websites.
  • · Freelancing blogs which accept guest’s posts: there is an indefinite listing of freelancing blogs that does give an informative knowledge on how does guest blogging works. As freelancing bogs are related to writings it will help you to extend your business brand or website.
  • ·  Travel blogs which accept guest posts: well, if you are a travel blogger and you are looking to grow your business, with the help of guest posting then this list is definitely for you. There are more than 30 travel blogs over the internet which accept guest postings. All you have to do in order to get accepted is that chose the right links so that you can find good ratings for your every blog.

Where to Submit Sponsored Content or Article?

These are some of the High DA and Quality Guest Blog Posting Sites to submit guest posts. However being a blogger you must be aware that many sites use guest bloggers just to build links and targets for their websites, to get high ratings on your blogs you must deliver quality contents that have backlinks also.

Here are the Top 50 High PR Do-follow Sponsored Guest Posting and Article Submission Sites List 2018:

Sr.N. Blog Title DA Contact

1 44 Write for us

Tech Gadgets 97 Submit
3 The Guardian 96 Submit
4 Mashable 94 Submit
5 25 Submit
6 Freeadshare 25 Submit
7 Sggreek 40 Submit
8 Shiftkiya 35 Submit
9 Digitalmaurya 30 Submit
10     35 Submit
11 Orizorsoftech Submit
12 Business Insider 93 Contribute
13 Tech Crunch 93 Submit
14 Politico Magazine 93 Submit
15 eLearn Magazine 92 Submit
16 Moz 91 Submit
17 Fast Company 91 Submit
18 Entrepreneur 90 Contribute
19 Search Engine Land 90 Submit
20 Inc Magazine 90 Submit
21 Hubspot 89 Submit
22 Venture Beat 89 Submit
23 Smashing Magazine 89 Submit
24 A List Apart 88 Submit
25 Psychology Today 88 Submit
26 Copyblogger 87 Submit
27 Read Write 86 Submit
28 Creative Bloq 85 Submit
29 Health Line 85 Submit
30 Investopedia 85 Submit
31 Social Media Examiner 84 Submit
32 Content Marketing Institute 84 Submit
33 Site Point 83 Submit
34 Kissmetrics 82 Submit
35 GetResponse 82 Submit
36 The Kitchen 82 Submit
37 Small Business Trends 82 Submit
38 Edutopia 81 Submit
39 Marketing Land 81 Submit
40 Life Hack 81 Submit
41 Open Democracy 80 Submit
42 Social Media Today 79 Submit

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