The Impact of Social Media on Technology

Social media and technology now have a great influence over our lives as it makes it easier to forge relationships and communicate simultaneously.

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Ways in which social media impacts SEO include:

     1.   Rank: In search engines they are social media profiles. If your business social media profile is highly rated then it will be valuable and be at the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Make sure you have engaging content and your social media profile is active.

     2.     Increase inbound links: Social media can improve credibility by the increase in the number of inbound links and this shows how popular you are.

    3.  Views and engagement: Social media is an effective way to drive your SEO content making SEO agencies work easy. If your content is good social media will improve your bounce rate and time-on-site engagement.

    4.     Build your audience: With social media you can meet people. The marketplace is competitive. Be proactive. With social media you can build your web presence and brand awareness. Also read: facebook lookalike audiences 

     5.   Consistent branding: Make your branding consistent across all social media channels. According to Maya Roeland, “Consistent branding across all of your channels (company name, website, social media accounts) is your best way to be easily found by your target audience”.

Social media can lead to high quality links from influential websites.

      6.    Crawling: Google crawls social media sites for content and links. According to Steven Ganczaruk, “With Google, credibility is everything, and building social-media influence is one way to establish yours.”

High numbers of likes, shares, and followers show a business or a persons influence. Tweets can influence ranking for some keywords.

      7.  Social signals: Strategies to increase your social media engagement can also raise your rankings. Have strong, valuable, relevant content. Post daily, use images, create partnerships and cover all bases.

    8.   Audience: Give your audience what they want if you want to boost engagement.  

       9.   Gain references: Try to gain references from accounts with good reputation. All social media accounts are not equal. Participate in social platforms.

       10.   Conduct outreach: Sometimes for your content to reach expanded audiences you must have a relationship with leaders, influencers and experts. According to Anastasia Sidko, “Established relationships with industry experts and opinion leaders can help your content reach a new, expanded audience”.

     11.  Tweets and retweets: Increase your tweets and retweets. Tweet good content.

     12.     Research: Social media aids research. It gathers information. Data is analyzed on how customers interact with your content. With social media you can learn more about customers and your competitors.

     13.       Share content: Google can see your page faster with links from social media.

   14.  Monitoring post: According to Alexandra Tachalova, “To earn a sufficient number of visitors from social media sources, you need to keep a close eye on what kind of posts not only engage users, but also get clicks”.

To get clicks you have to write engaging tweets. You can also include a link to your posts.

     15.        Social media community: More engagements mean more people are searching for your brand.

      16.                Converse with your followers: According to Dan Virgillito, “Undoubtedly, social media provides an easy way to start a conversation with your target audience to offer value and address pain points”. Engage people in conversation. People will willingly recommend your brand if you give fast responses to issues. You can also post useful tips, start discussions and reply to audience comments.

      17.                 Share buttons: Encourage readers to share your content. Focus on where your readers hang out.

     18.                 Partnership: Social media and SEO should work together, share content or use engagement metrics as data for future content creation according to Simon Ensor. Social media campaign should focus on generating its success. Businesses can benefit from revenue generated from social media and best web design companies.

      19.              Leverage user-generated content: Manuel Gadancheva said “Ask your customers to take a picture, record a video, or write a review while using your service or products and tag the posts with your business name when they share them to social channels”.

       20.           Share your content across social channels: Sharing content brings traffic to your website. According to Anna Clark, “Links to your content on social media can increase the speed at which Google indexes your content”.

     21.  SEO data: Know what people are saying about your brand. Search for keywords you want to target and set alerts on social media channels.

        22.                Search: People now use social media as search engines.

       23.                    Applying SEO practices: Using keyword optimization increase visibility on social media. Using relevant content increases your visibility.

     24.        Social sharing tools: Integrate social sharing tools into your website. Include direct web links on your website and social profile.

      25.                   Essential information: Make all relevant information available on social profiles.

      26.            Google Analytics: You can use social media to promote positive content and cut negative results.

Finding a job is easier thanks to social media marketing and technology; people can apply for jobs by uploading their CV. According to CareerBuilders, “60% of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates”.

Information can now be received instantaneously. According to Maia Gummer, “We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media; the question is how well we do it”.

Social media and technology aids education as social media is now used by over 50% of professors to share their research and 85% of undergraduates use social media. Social media also gives people a voice. With technology and social media you can now set up connections and get education from anywhere in the world.

            Mobile technology has greatly shaped social media. Most people can get access to social media with their phones. The internet is growing more visual with the use of images and videos. With technology we can now complete more tasks in less time. People share information online because they support a cause; want to share valuable information, to define themselves and so on.

Technology aids in visualizing our social media experience. Technology is now used in messaging systems, video conferencing, social network, groupware, presentation software, websites, blogs, online chat and other social interactions.

Technology has changed the way we do business. Social media is integral to business as people must communicate to get work done. Businesses can now interact with their customers in real-time and respond to issues immediately, social media provides equal platform for all businesses, makes sales efficient and increases employee productivity. Employees are no longer limited by geographical locations or time zones. Hardware and software are now developed around a social element.

Social media has reduced face-to-face interaction and this can lead to social isolation. Employees will experience stress if they cannot detach themselves from work.

Social media has exacerbated bullying. According to Michael Hamm, “23% of teens reported being targeted and 15% said they had bullied someone online”. People can misuse social media to spread rumors, blackmail others and destroy reputations.

            Social media and technology has led to lack of privacy. Threats faced by users include stalking and identity theft and this can cause problem in people’s lives.
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