Six Ways use of Dedicated Servers can Benefit Your Business

Secure and 24/7 accessible data storage have become a primary need for every other company. Web hosting companies are offering a wide range of computing data storage to execute varying requirements of clients. If an enterprise is seeking for customized services with extended privacy and complete control over server machines, dedicated hosting will be the best choice for them. It provides internet-connected physical servers for single client data storage that are housed within the premises of hosting company data center.

A dedicated server is an advanced hosting option that provides abundant resources along with total freedom of customization. Though, hosting service provider will oversee the administration of operating system, application updates, firewall maintenance, data backups and disaster recovery. The use of dedicated equipment is not limited to data storage only. Clients can use IT equipment according to their requirements.

Here I am sharing few of the critical ways to use dedicated servers; business owners can adapt to benefit their business.

Web hosting:-

Website hosting is the most common way of using dedicated data servers. It makes sense nowadays. Regardless of its size and nature of the business, every organisation possesses a corporate website that requires secure storage with 99.99% up time to ensure constant availability of the website. Besides this, high loading speed, root server access to use required software and applications and utterly personalized environment make dedicated hosting an excellent option to build and run a corporate website. Availability of plenty of resources like RAM, processing power and exclusive storage space will further secure the storage and enhance the performance of the website.

Software & app development:-

Ability to custom use of IT equipment according to personal requirements allows clients to use server machines and resources for the development of software and app development. Scalable storage space and redundant power supply enable enterprise owners to develop, test and store software and business apps.

E-mail hosting:-

Corporate's can’t rely on the free email hosting services like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail due to confidentiality of their data. Instead, they require a dedicated email server for exclusive access and control over company email. Dedicated data storage enable company owners to setup email on company domain.

Unlike to free email services, enterprises are eligible to manage upload and storage limits according to their requirements. No more worries regarding security and bulk file attachments, as everything is customized and entirely under the control of customer using dedicated email hosting.

Secure online transactions:-

Growing trends in online shopping from e-commerce websites have made it necessary for vendors to strengthen website security. Robust security is only possible with a PCI certified dedicated website hosting. In addition to ensuring the protection of the online transaction, dedicated data servers offer maximum uptime and constant availability of website to display maximum performance.

Video/ Music /chat storage:-

Freedom to use server storage to store files they want and substantial storage capacities have made it perfect to store heavy video and music files. Blogger and publishers use it as a personalised platform to provide quality video streaming. Dedicated data storage provides them with enough space not only to store their music and video files but also allow them to serve multiple users. All they need is to pick a data center with advanced equipment and location near to target audience.

Besides this, dedicated data servers can also be used to host video chat rooms and offer real-time communication facility for service providers like education institutes and counselling services. Chat rooms are enabled with proxy and chatbot to allow secure file transfer.

IT infrastructure development:-

IT infrastructure has become an absolute requirement of every other organisation.  Owners of well-established organisations may spend money and resources to create their infrastructure, or they opt to hire a third-party to execute their infrastructure requirements. Hosting companies offering dedicated hosting services are capable of providing a reliable virtual environment and quick access to multiple users. This makes it a perfect choice for both large and small companies looking to extend their IT infrastructure.


Though reliability, cost efficiency and uninterrupted connectivity are the primary reasons for making dedicated servers a popular choice. Versatility to use it to benefit business also validates its usefulness.
Six Ways use of Dedicated Servers can Benefit Your Business Six Ways use of Dedicated Servers can Benefit Your Business Reviewed by Pravesh Kumar Maurya on July 02, 2018 Rating: 5

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