Social Media Optimization: 6 Tips to get most out of SEO

Gone where the days where one needed to pay a celebrity say Kim Kardasian a six figure sum in order to sell out his product and get the undivided attention of his potential customers. Thanks also to social media, individuals no longer have to necessarily own a website or blog which they have to maintain nor do they have to open a shop to sell their products. These days what most people do is to publicize what they do on the various social media platforms and "waalaa" they've started selling. Forgive my sarcasm but the above mentioned is not always the case considering that a lot of entrepreneurs have taken the social media stage hence one needs to fight for recognition as well as customer son social media.

There are a lot of tips to take from SEO Agency, magento Ecommerce Agency which can be transferred to social media marketing in order to optimize the use of social media for marketing one's products.

Below are some tips one can harness from SEOs and infuse them into social media in order to give one's products more attention and views without spending more money.

  • ·        Posting and reposting: it was never a crime to repost something that has been posted on a social media platform again on that same platform or even on another platform. Although some people may question the act of reposting, some may even criticize it but it all points at the fact that it has gotten their attention. Mind you, by reposting and old post or earlier post about your products you're bringing it back and giving it a place among the top news feed for that day.
  •      Reframe before reposting: one thing that calls for criticism when social media posts are reposted in when they're reposted in a stereotype manner. When reposting an earlier post, make efforts to fine tune the post so that it covers are different type of audience the initial or previous post didn't cover
  • ·      Effective use of images: posting a picture of very good quality is not as good as posting a picture that clear enough to  adequately pass the message across while not being so much that it drains data or takes extra time to load. In digital marketing, using images in the best of ways is far better than using the best of images.
  • ·     Get in touch: some business owners have gone as far as using programmed responses to reply their customers via direct messages platforms such as WhatsApp. This is very essential to the growth of one's business as these programmed responses are so effective, efficient and accurate the customer will believe that he or she is talking to a human being. In other words, it is very necessary to have build and maintain a personal relationship with your customers as it will make them feel wanted and desired.
  • ·      Don't just start a business create a brand: it is very to create a brand as it will stand as a means of identity. It is very important to give your business a picture which your customers as well as potential customers can associate with. Steps such as having a brand name, creating and regularly updating a fan page are very necessary if one is to carve out his own space in the social media kingdom.
  • ·       Informative graphics: always ensure that your graphics posted on social media platforms are as informative as they're straightforward. Every graphics posted should be straight to the point while carrying enough information about just about adequate information about yourself, your products as well as other means by which customers can communicate with you. Be it your website, phone lines, etc

Junaid Ali Qureshi

is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Progostech,, Smart, Progos Tech and eCig. 
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