7 Tips to Increase Vape E-Commerce Sites

The online market is very competitive platform and it’s not easy to run a vape e-commerce website. You have to consistently adopt different marketing strategies to solidify your online presence. If your website is not doing well on Google, something is definitely amiss. To ascend the google ranks and enjoy massive traffic, you need a strategy. For inspiration, here are 7 tips to increase vape e-commerce sites.

       1.      Local Mapping:-

You can start to promote your site locally if you want better traffic. Even though the online market is open to the world, a good number of your customers are local. It’s estimated that 80% of online searchers look for products and services that are near to them. So, you have to publish your site in your local Google map to make it visible.

        2.      Local Optimization:-

To attract the mentioned 80% searcher population, you have to locally optimize you vape site. To achieve this, you have to use local keywords for the zip code, landmarks, and neighboring towns in your webpages. This will ensure that the local site visitors are directed to your vape website by Google and other major search engines.

        3.      Social Media Marketing:-

We cannot insist enough about the power of social media in driving traffic to a site. Your site should be linked to active Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media platforms. The platforms or accounts need to be updated frequently just as you do your website.

        4.      Video Marketing:-

Most vape e-commerce sites that rank lower on Google do not have great content. Remember that website content doesn’t have to be written only. You also need visual content. Therefore, you should post quality videos with relevant tags if you want to drive traffic to your website. A video will help you grab the attention of your potential clients and help you bring them to your vape website. In the long, this run will translate to increased traffic and better sales.

        5.      Email Marketing:-

It’s estimated that 96% of first time vape site visitors are not ready to buy what you are promoting. However, you can convince them to visit your site often by sending them capturing emails. But you still need to lure them to leave their email addresses behind.

        6.      Customer Conversions:-

The best vape stores convert site visitors into customers by offering them incentives such as free shipping, discount coupons, and free local deliveries. A customer who enjoys such benefits is likely to recommend the site to others.

        7.      Reputation Management:-

Transparency is key if you want to rank higher online. You should ensure that you have an active account on review sites such as Yelp where the customers can check you out. This will inspire them to suggest your site to others.

  Final Thoughts:-

Even though the online market is challenging, you can use the above 7 tips to increase vape e-commerce sites. The tips will help you get better traffic, which will ultimately translate to improved sales.
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