Get Better Search Engine Rankings with HTML to Responsive WordPress Design

A beautiful feature-rich website is of no use if it fails to get higher rankings on search engines. The fact is major search engines, like Yahoo, Google, AOL, Bing, and more are concerned more about quality content, file names, keywords, alt tags and other such aspects rather than beautiful and pretty website design.

Why Optimize Your WordPress Website for Search Engines?

Your website would be able to work at a full pace only if it is SEO optimized. A search engine friendly site has more chances to appear on the first page and drive immense organic traffic to your site.

So, how you can optimize your WordPress site for Search Engines?
Just follow these simple tips!

Tips for SEO Optimize Your WordPress Site:-

  1. Set Permalinks:-

Your website pages and posts URLs are known as Permalinks. Such links help users to reach different relevant pages in your sites. They are even used by other search engines and sites to link to your website.

WordPress comes with default permalink. You just have to change these settings to post name, which users can easily remember and search engines can conveniently index.

  1. Prepare Your Website’s Sitemap:-

Your site may contain innumerable pages. To get them indexed by search engines, you need to have a clean sitemap structure. You can create the sitemap using a useful plugin known as Google XML Sitemap. It will automatically generate the sitemap of your site that can be indexed by search engines.

  1. Employ Google Analytics Tool:-

Google analytics is an excellent tool from Google, available for free and useful to track traffic on your site. With this tool, you can know about traffic source, behavior and other vital aspects that would help you better reach the target audience. From locating 404 errors, analyzing visitor behavior to sourcing site traffic, you can do all this with Google Analytics.

  1. Use SEO Optimized Themes:-

WordPress offers a range of themes that can be used to form a strong and unique website. But rather than selecting a theme that is beautiful and appealing, chose a theme that is SEO optimized. Selecting such a theme would ensure you have desired code and speed. With a well-written theme planned using latest SEO practices, it would be easier to impress Google bots and get higher rankings on the search engines.

  1. Bring SEO Plugins to Use:-

There are numerous SEO plugins offered by WordPress, like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO plugin and more. These plugins take care of your site and help you to add a Meta description, Meta tags, Meta title, keywords, and more. Using these plugins can enhance the on-page SEO of your site. Also, they can help you prepare an XML sitemap.

  1. Optimize Site’s Media:-

The way you name and tag your images can affect your site’s performance on SEO. You can get higher rankings in image searches with proper tagging and naming of your image. When uploading an image to your site, you can alter the title; add a small caption, description, and alt text.

  1. Create a Shareable Site:-

To ensure your WordPress site gain high rankings in the search engines, it must be shareable across social platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and more. This way, even your readers would be able to share the site across distinct social platforms and drive immense traffic to your site. You can simply add a social sharing button to your site to make it shareable.

Bonus Tips!

Besides the above tips, add rich quality content to your site. Use anchor text and links correctly and employ a reliable hosting solution for your website.
Enjoy higher SEO rankings!

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