Five Aspects Of Cloud Technology

Five Aspects Of Cloud Technology:-

In the entire course of history, every new technology has never been welcomed with open arms. Similar is the case with cloud computing. But, with popularity growing for the platform, it is no wonder, that this technology is doing the rounds in discussion tables of small, medium and multinational businesses. With the use of cloud computing, businesses can now get many benefits, the chief being reduction of costs and enhancing the productivity process.

Agreed, you find ‘cloud computing’ often, but not every person understands this technology. So, let this article serve as a guidance to novices.

What is Cloud Computing?

If the explanation has to be given in very simple terms, let us take the reference of Amazon, known as one among the biggest cloud hosting company in the world today. When you look into their page, cloud computing is described as the “on-demand delivery or computer power, database storage, applications, and other IT resources through a cloud services platform via the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing.”

You have to note the fact, cloud computing has become famous in the web hosting sector as well. While everybody knows the shared, dedicated and virtual hosting plans, cloud technology is also accepted as the recent trend. Because of two reasons. Cost-effectiveness and security features.

1. Web Hosting

Other than businesses, cloud computing has also stepped into the field of web hosting technology as well. With shared, virtual and dedicated hosting plans being the norm for creating a new website or blog, cloud hosting is not only the latest trend, it’s also often more cost-effective and powerful as well. One company that has been focusing ‘only on cloud hosting’ solutions for a while now, is JustCloud. 

2. Building Digital-First Infrastructure

Let us imagine, the number of population in 2045. Shall it be 6 billion? Then be sure, that Cloud technology will play a significant role in the building of the cities. There will be future innovations such as smart parking lots, elevators, driverless cars etc. You can expect robots to perform the duties at farms, power plants and at lower level jobs. They will be, in turn, managed by a professionally trained robotic engineer.

The cloud will also bring the transformation for companies, regardless of their size. There will be a definite change in small and medium sized businesses such as artificial intelligence, data analytics and other capabilities. At the present, there are three types of cloud - private, public and hybrid. But in the future, many cloud types may appear depending on the type of businesses. As of now, let us look at some of the benefits of cloud technology.

If a cloud company has taken up the cloud computing service, it can receive able help in management of ground operations such as handling of baggage, fuels, maintenance, cleaning of cabins and a proper plan to assist flights take off right on time.

If automation is done for every utility service, then the residents will rarely receive face any problem. For example, the ‘utility’ cloud will repair faults in power grid to ensure, that any of the resident in the city shall not suffer from shortage of electricity. If the problem is found to become a disaster, and if it is unable to fix, then the automation can alert the main office customer center.

If a bank has hired the services of a cloud, then financial institutions can scan many transactions in minimum time to prevent identity theft and fraud. There are companies who have hired cloud technology to have more interaction with customers. Take the example of openDesk. The company uploads all its furniture designs into its cloud. If you are a customer, you can download the design and create them at your own local store.  Advantages - reduction in shipping, inventory cost, time and money.


3. Management of Data

The population has grown, so has the number of business and professionals. Who would have believed forty years ago, that a device called as mobile will change the very landscape for communication? Now, you have various new jobs such as a mobile app developer and many new jobs that were non-existent in the career market. As the number of jobs and organizations increase, so is the data volume.

So, it is advisory to use cloud technology for handling data. With various features in the offing, it is cloud alone which has the ability to store the huge amount of data and make use for valuable contributions.

4. Artificial Intelligence

In the future, even Artificial Intelligence is going to make a mark. So, it is cloud technology which will provide assistance for the artificial intelligence data to get adapted to mobile platforms. Do you remember the turn of events in 2011? Mobiles and tablets became more popular than personal computers and laptops. In 2025, it is artificial intelligence which is going to take the world by storm, of course, with the help of cloud computing.

When you use a smart phone to do daily work, no doubt, you have to prioritize emails,  and reply to text messages. The smart phone does not have the option to respond to unstructured data. But, in due course of time, artificial intelligence will produce a mechanism that can give apt messages to the concerned person and also give you alerts.

Agreed, artificial intelligence is still in its very primary phase. The training process of AI is in the cloud. There are AI’s which are trained with other software so that they respond to processes as required. Over a period of time, via the cloud, you can download the software in your mobile. Then there is no need to respond to emails personally.

So the software will respond to voice commands. Ensure they are prioritized as per the content.  And because there will be hundreds of situations, it will not be possible for the mobiles to hold the vast amount of data in its database. You will, then, need assistance from the cloud.

5. Autonomous Vehicles

There are numerous movies, where you have seen the cars making the move without a driver. No, we are not talking about horror movies, when the invisible ghost drives a car. We are talking of advanced technology cards that can move without a driver. The path to a driverless car is still far away, but with able assistance from the cloud, it can be realized very soon.

Similar to smartphones, today’s vehicles are fitted with sensors, cameras and numerous gadgets to generate data. Please note, that the processing of data has to be fast in order for the vehicle to adapt to any unwanted situation. But, even for the software, that has to be designed to respond to all situations, assistance will come from the cloud.

In the future, videos will play a prominent role in vehicles of the future. The cameras will be highly developed and they will allow the driver or the owner to see through other vehicles in the front. Even, in the present day, there are cars having special cameras to ward off burglars and thieves.


There is a proverb - Change is permanent. There was a time, when our ancestors’ prime invention was the wheel and fire. Then, civilizations developed. There were some great minds which brought about a great change from the traditional methods. In the 19th century, it was Thomas Edison, the founder of electricity. In the last century, the competition is fierce. Can you name Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Steve Jobs?  Let us imagine you own an online service company in Bangalore. Since Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city, most of the houses have washing machines. You provide the best qualified technicians for washing machine repair in Bangalore. You have an app with simple features. Any customer can download the app, and book a repair/maintenance service as per their convenience. You have the business growing strong. Now you want to take advantage of the cloud. You have moved the app application to the cloud, so that the customer can have uninterrupted access to the website and server. And the customer numbers are growing. Thanks to cloud technology.

2016 is the year of apps. Every business, right from small to large conglomerates, scrambled to get their apps popular. Now, the future is beckoning. It is cloud computing for sure. Let us lay in wait, and get properly trained in our specific field branches.
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