Gain Maximum Benefits With Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Gain Maximum Benefits With Windows Dedicated Server Hosting:-

The next thing that is thought of after web hosting is Dedicated Server which boosts up a business significantly. A Dedicated Server is a physical medium allocated for a specific use only. This result in a better execution of business. Using these Dedicated Servers helps reducing the problems of component failure and some other unwanted circumstances. Through the Dedicated Server Hosting, a client can configure the server as per his needs. Which means, the client does what he wants to do with the server. This advanced hardware hosting platform is the best for load time for the business applications.

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Two types of Dedicated Servers are presently available in market namely:-

1.  Windows dedicated server
2.  Linux dedicated server
Any one of the hosting platforms can be chosen as per the business requirements. We will be focusing on Windows Dedicated Server in this article.

Why is Windows Dedicated Server Hosting preferred over Linux Dedicated Server Hosting?

There are many web-based businesses that need Windows Dedicated Server Hosting. Windows web applications and related software are becoming very cost-effective. Windows Dedicated Server Hosting offers more advanced features. Hence, the users of these applications and software will always prefer Windows dedicated server hosting.

The benefits of using Windows-based Dedicated Server:-

  • ·      Apart from the businesses, there are plenty of web developers who use the ASP.NET platform and the .NET application platform to develop software. Software developed on these platforms can be efficiently run and accessed on Windows Dedicated Server.
  • ·      You can access Windows Streaming Media: This is a means to serve audio and video to the public and is often used for sites in band or movie trailers.
  • ·         Microsoft SharePoint applications and Windows Resource Manage.
  • ·         Windows dedicated server hosting helps in managing traffic load effectively.
  • ·    A managed Windows dedicated server hosting can well provide complete secure environment using select firewalls and special configurations applied to these mission-critical applications.

Even though, there are a lot of differences between these two types of Server Hosting, but sometimes users are not sure which type of service they sure use. To choose the best for your business, you must compare the two depending on the areas of focus in your business which may include cost concern, performance etcetera. As you must have heard, “Smart choice leads to a better result”.
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