What Are 15 Ways to Immediately Improve Free Organic Traffic to Your Business Website Or Blog?

What Are 15 Ways to Immediately Improve Free Organic Traffic to Your Business Website Or Blog?:-

Here are many tips by which you can Immediately improve free organic traffics on your website and blog.

1)    Post Regularly On Your Blog!
At least one post should be posted regularly on your blog related to your business. This will retain the number of people visiting your site. You should also put a link which will contain a description of your product.

2)    Increase Your Blog Subscribers:-
More subscribers mean more traffic. Make use of an attractive newsletter to get subscriptions. Therefore, your blog will be visited by more and more subscribers which will eventually increase your traffic.

3)    Search Engine Submission:-
Do not make the mistake of submitting your blogs to only one or two search engines on the web. One should submit blog/website to all major platforms like Bing, Google, etc.

4) Use Ping Sites:-
When you submit your blog/site to ping sites, then you can get indexed in a proper way. The shares and the views become more thereby increasing your blog's presence in the online arena. Whenever you publish anything, ping it with good ping sites.

5) Submit Your Blog To Article Directories To Receive Free Advising Fior Life Time:-
The Directory sites have high visibility in the online arena in search engines and therefore doing this will make your articles get good views on them on a permanent basis.

6) Get Registered on various RSS Directories and Put Your Blog's RSS/XML Feed in there:-

RSS directories are free of cost to get registered and they facilitate free of cost feed submission services. Once any new post is published, it will be reflected and indexed in RSS directories.  This will get your blog/website free visits from there as RSS directory sites have thousands of users.

7) Post Comments on Useful Blogs:-
For receiving backlinks and referral traffic to your site, posting comments is one of the best ways. Keep in mind that comments should be per the post. One should join networks to post on different blogs.

8) Make Yourself Visible on the Best of Commenting Platforms:-
There are platforms to get your comments posted and some need you to have an account to get your comments posted on them. This increases your exposure and hence traffic.   

9) Submit guest blog posts:-
Guest blogging is mostly used by Internet marketers and bloggers who are expert in the field and they make use of it to get targeted traffic by using blogs. This doesn’t only increase traffic, but also improves ranking on Google.

10) Create Relevant Content on Web 2.0 Sites:-
By using Blogspot, Wordpress, etc. you can receive referral traffic, So publish some articles there, This will make your domain authority better.

11) Email Signature:-
Your business email signature should always be inclusive of links to your blogs. This provides free traffic.

12) Get Gripped Of Forum marketing:-
Forum marketing has been of great use since the beginning of the world wide web. Limitless traffic can be obtained by following this.

13) Submit Your Blog To Blog Directories:-
There are several blog directories that list blogs in their database. Blog directories provide free backlinks for your blog.

14) Use Free Ad Posting Websites:-
Classified websites are currently considered a powerhouse for referral traffic. Use them!

15) Share! Share! Share!:-

If you need traffic to your site/blog. Share your articles with each and every social media platform you are using. (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the basic ones).

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