New and Advanced Tools to Try With Your Next Web Project

New and Advanced Tools to Try With Your Next Web Project:

Most web developers and designers look forward to try out newer advanced tools for their project. If you have been hunting for something new and innovative in this respect, here’s a list of the latest tools you may try out:

Hero Patterns:-

The tool is actually a collection of repeatable SVG background patterns. This can be utilized on your web projects. Any background pattern that you select will be converted into a repeatable background. It will also be encoded in base64 to be further utilized in the CSS file of your choice. You can adjust individual properties with this tool such as foreground opacity, foreground color, and background color while you making design decisions.

At present, the app allows you choose between 87 different patterns.


You definitely need to try out this tool for your next web project. It promises the much sought after peace of mind for all self-employed individuals running their own business. With Cushion, it is possible to get a deeper insight and introduce tranquility to the normal roller coaster ride that most freelance web developers & designers go through.

It is available with 14-day trial (you don’t need a credit card).Once you are hooked during your trial, the plans for a Cushion start at $5 each month.  Also referred to as the “moonlighter” plan, professionals can benefit a lot from this. The app promises to cover the bases as and when required:
  • - Expense Tracking
  • - Project Scheduling
  • - Spreadsheet Export
  • - Project Scheduling
  • - Invoice Tracking
  • - Project Scheduling
  • - Monthly Income View
  • - Many more

In future, Cushion is planning to launch a mobile app. Presently, they are focusing on building a fully-featured web app. Unfortunately, the app does not offer a bank feed. So in case, you are specifically looking for bank account integration, this is not the app for you.


The tool is precisely an accessible modal window. jQuery free and just 27.7 KB, Launchy is available with a set of exciting features including the following:
  • - The modal window is defined via optional modal heading
  • - The keyboard focus shifts to the modal window container
  • - Closes window on ‘esc’ key press
  • - Traps keyboard focus within modal when visible or active
  • - Closes window on overlay mouse click
  • - Sets focus of keyboard back to the launcher element on window close
  • - You can add your own custom close controls!
  • - The facility to add your own custom controls that shifts focus to someplace else on the page!
  • - Offers transparent border for Windows High Contrast themes

The tool comes with a huge number of CSS classes available on generated elements for custom styling. You simply need to look into the style.scss file for class names. You may even go through an example on the way you wish to style modal windows. It is also accessible as an npm package (npm i launchy-modal-window). Overall, an impressively accessible modal window!


A product of Filament group, this is an open-source project and a set of form patterns including the following:
  • - Character counter
  • - Show/hide password
  • - Credit card input and validation
  • - Multi-line text inputs that expands as user types
  • - A lot more

It comes incorporated with a number of other features such as ability to the ability to tackle bugs with <input type="number"> in Firefox desktop, and Safari 6, implement the maxlength attribute, the standardizing behavior of <input type="number"> form fields, and many more. In case, you wish to build forms on the web this tool might work as a great option to try with the upcoming project associated with form inputs. 
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