How to Make Money With Twitter Using Sponsored Tweets?

How to Make Money With Twitter Using Sponsored Tweets:-

Sponsored Tweets is the formula for making money on Twitter. The time has gone when social media platforms were used only for entertainment purpose. People are making handsome amounts by making use of sponsored Tweets on Twitter. Here is how they do it.

Working Process:-

A company makes connections with people who have a considerable fan following on Twitter as people with huge followings can get exposure at a very quick pace. These companies give certain guidelines and then a user posts the Tweets in accordance with those guidelines.The company gets exposure in the online public domain by using this process and so they pay to the publishing user.

1)    How To Sign up for Sponsored Tweets:-

To be able to work for sponsored Tweets, it is obvious to have a Twitter account and that account should be least 60 days old. Also, at min, the user should have 50 followers and should have Tweeted at least 100 Tweets,

These sponsored tweets companies will review your application and then accept you and then you can start working.

2) Promote a brand under your own terms:-

Once you are selected and have started working for sponsoring Tweet work, the person involved will guide you and will lay specific rules and regulations on which your Tweet should be based. Also, one would have what things should be embedded in the Tweets. After you complete the process, the advertiser will review it. You cannot post that Tweet without getting it reviewed by advertisers.

3)    Payment:-

When you will begin this work, you will be introduced to ‘sponsored Tweet account which is a place where you will get your money or payment for your sponsored Tweets. This is a special account as it is specifically made for your sponsored tweets and you can withdraw your money when it reaches the amount of 50$. There exist two kinds of Twitter sponsored Tweet accounts, Normal There are two types of accounts- Normal account and Pro accounts.If you have signed up for prop account then you will be needing only 25$ to withdraw your money. The monthly charges of Pro account are 1.99$ but it is free of cost for the first month.

Din sponsored Tweets is very beneficial in the long run because it opens doors for greater opportunities. The more you will get exposure, the more followers you will receive and the more companies will offer you with Sponsored Tweets with substantial payments!

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