18 Apps and Tools for Social Media Marketers

18 Apps and Tools for Social Media Marketers:-

1) Character Count Online:-
CharacterCountOnline.com provides you with the facility to edit text to fit a social media platform’s character limit. It also gives information about how many times a particular word is used.

2) Fontjoy:-
Fontjoy:This is that website which provides help to find complementary fonts for design projects.This platform also generates font pairings. This is free of cost resource.

3) Adobe Scan:-
Adobe Scan: This platform is a powerful tool to create PDFs. The phone’s camera is used by this app to scan images and text into a PDF.

4) Sticky AI:-
Sticky AI: With this tool, selfies can be transformed into GIFs and Stickers.Instead of other emojis, you can give a personal touch by using these images to have fun.

5) Percentage Calculator:-
PercentageCalculator.net saves time for social media marketers who are involved in calculating percentage increases and decreases in their reports.If you have troubles turning raw data into percentages, then this platform,  is helpful.

6) display purposes:-
For creating white spaces (in a post between several hashtags etc) on Instagram this is the service which is of great help.

7) Photograph:-
This is a trendy app to use and it that animates images with fantastic effects.One can use it to build a looping video, animated GIF, or animated PNG. Most of the time, you make looping videos or animated images from.

8) Hemmingway Editor:-
For improving your writing skills, one can make use of Hemmingway Editor.This provides a grade-level assessment and highlights where one might be in need of help with grammar etc.
9) Anchor Video:-
A free of cost tool which provides services for recording and sharing audio. One feature of this app can generate animated audio transcripts as well, which are the excellent way to do the promotion of podcasts by sharing brief animated clips on social media.
10) AFS:-
AFS, stands for Advanced Facebook SearchIt is a Chrome plugin that advises options for that are so good, that people have not even imagined it. It is a search tool consists of each and every search options like posts, people etc.

11) Trello Desktop App:-
The service Trello Desktop App provides is like a pinboard used for tracking to-do items and it works well for teams. Cards can be created here for a project and one can add images, links, checklists, and more.

12) AnyImagr:-
This is a tool which is browser-based and is used to post images to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+. The drawback is that it doesn’t have access to the back end of their website.

13) MyTimeZone:-
This is a browser plugin that provides help to convert a time from one time zone to another.

14) Landscape by Sprout Social:-
Landscape by Sprout Social gets the work streamlined, and sizes and crops images for social media. For achieving best image one needs to crop them and this is one of the best tools to do so.

15) Magisto:-
This video editing tool uses artificial intelligence to synchronize video to music and then apply an editing style.

16) SwiftKey:-
SwiftKey is a fantastic mobile keyboard that remembers your typing style, your phrases, and so forth. So, it simply predicts what you would write and the more you use it, the better it will be.

17) swipe file:-
One can make use of this platform when inspiration is needed for social media marketing.This online tool is supported by the traditional idea of a swipe file, which is a folder of marketing examples consisting of a look, sound, feel layout, or text. You can save them too.

18) What the Font:-
WhatTheFont is a mobile app for iOS and Android that helps in identifying fonts quickly and easily.

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