Top 100 High PR Free Article Submission Sites List to Instant Improve Your Website Domain Authority 2018

Instant Improve Your Website Domain Authority by Top 100 High PR Free Article Submission Sites List 2018:

Article submissions on a very high PR free articles submission sites do play a vital role in SEO. Over the internet, you will see that there are many updated high PR article website which contains links that further provides help in boosting up traffic for a particular article. Well, for a blogger or website it is quite an essential element to gain higher rankings for their website, it is more important to gain high PA and DA with the best instant approve article submission sites list to submit their article.

However, many experienced and even new bloggers are not quite aware of the fact that, many search engines like Google accepts the free high DA article submission sites which provide high-quality contents. If you are a blogger, we would really recommend you to submit high quality contents on such websites that provide high PR article submission sites list USA so that you can improve in the listings of search engine optimization.

As there are many sites on the internet that provide article submission sites without registration list for bloggers. However, we would recommend you to use as you will get high-quality contents which will help you to make your link powerful.

Before we go any further, let’s understand what is article submission?

Article submission basically refers to the writing of high-quality articles which are purely related to blogs. Such articles are then submitted to instant approval high DA article submission sites list USA, UK, India or to the Free Article Directory List. However, the main of SEO article submission sites with high domain authority is to improve the SEO rankings on the blogger's blog and as well to generate organic traffic from searches. Well, most of the websites provide these services for free! So, you don’t have to pay a significant cost to generate additional traffic to your websites. The article submission technique is also considered to best, trusted and effective SEO solution to improve a website DA PA.

Know the advantages of submitting articles on high PR free article submission sites!

  • ·         Article submission sites help to create long-term backlinks.
  • ·         It also helps to improve rankings of blogs in major search engines.
  • ·        This technique also helps in getting the contents viral like boom.
  • ·       A blogger can establish reputation and credibility with their readers to increase the popularity of their blog.


Well, these are some of the major advantages of choosing high domain authority Free article submission sites list without registration as it will help to improve our websites DA PA. as this technique is the most time-tested technology and is the trustworthy tool of SEO which will significantly help to boost up traffic at your website. However, one of the most powerful key to be successful SEO is to provide and publish high-quality contents with content links.

Best 100 Free High Dofollow Article Submission Sites List:-

Sr. N. Instant Approve Article Sites

Top 100 Article Submission Sites List:

S.N Instant Submission Sites List PR
1 5
2 6
3 5
5 6
6 5
7 4
8 5
9 5
10 4
11 4
12 4
13 5
14 4
15 6
16 5
17 4
18 4
19 7
20 5
21 7
22 7
23 6
24 6
25 6
26 3
27 2
28 1
29 3
30 2
31 3
32 0
33 2
34 5
35 5
36 0
37 0
38 4
39 0
40 0
41 0
42 2
43 0
44 0
45 1
46 3
47 2
48 1
49 4

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